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Super Stock Class

Super Stock 2wd/4wd

1. Truck may not weigh more than 5 ounces.
2. Battery up to 8v total may be used in any combination. DC batteries, must carry own supply.
3. Tires and wheels shall remain stock. May be painted except on contact area. May be re-treaded or cut to individuals pattern.
4. Wheelbase and width shall not be altered.
5. External switching device may be used. Factory switch may be removed.
6. Motor and gears are to remain stock. May remove second set of gears and/or 4wd gears.
7. Hitch may be the stock loop or a screw-eye type and cannot be more than 1 1/4 measured from a level surface. All other hitch points shall be removed.
8. Weights may be added to achieve the correct weight and balance, but should present a realistic appearance if placed on the outside of the vehicle.
9. Lights may be disconnected or removed if desired. 10. Size: 3 wide x 6 long x 2.5 high.
11. Weights can be made from any material but must be securely attached to vehicle.

March Winners