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Stock Class

Stock class pullers..


Stock (2wd/4wd)
1. Weight: Truck may not weigh more than 4 ounces.
2. Power: 1-1.5 vdc “AA” type battery is allowed mounted in original position.
3. Tires and wheels: Orginal equipment. May be painted except on contact area.
4. Chassis: Orginal dimensions. Wheelbase and width can not be altered.
5. Body: All orginal equipment.
5. No external switching device shall be used.
6. Motor and Drivetrain: Orginal eguipment and cannot be altered.
7. Hitch may be the stock loop or a screw-eye type and cannot be more than 1” measured from a level surface.
8. Weights may be added to achieve the correct weight and balance, but should present a realistic appearance if placed on the outside of the vehicle and securely attached to vehicle.
9. Lights must remain operational.
10. Size: 3” wide x 6” long x 2.5” high.

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