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General Rules

Lone Star Mini Motorsports

rev 2 / 20Feb 01

Truck Pulling Rules

I. General Rules

1. Entrants will pull in a ‘round robin’ format. i.e.. each truck will have 3 attempts to pull before weight is added.
2. Rounds will continue until one puller is remaining.
3. If all pullers fail to make a full pull in a round, then the one with the longest pull is declared the winner.
4. Entrants will draw numbers for pulling order.
5. Length of pull will be 40”. (Full-pull)
6. Width of pulling area is 12”. (side boundaries)
7. Pull is stopped and marked when the sled is no longer moving or the vehicle touches a boundary line. (3-D)
8. Driver may make a second attempt but may not change a battery to do so.
9. Once a pull vehicle is placed on the table, it may not be removed except for mechanical reasons and has been granted permission by event official. Otherwise the vehicle is to remain on the table until the class has been completed and the winning vehicles teched and positions awarded.
10. If puller fails to show for his round, he may pull at the end of the round but returns to his normal position for the next round.
11. If malfunction with sled or chain arises, puller will be allowed to re-hook or wait until the end of the round without penalty.
12. All drivers shall show respect to all vehicles, other drivers, and equipment or will be asked to leave by the officials.
13. The events officials will oversee the boundaries, shutdown, and staging areas. Calls by the official are not protestable.
14. Items and/or modifications not specifically address in individual class or covered by general rules are not allowed.
15. Changes or additions to rules must be submitted in writting prior to event with ample time for all pullers to make changes or modifications.

II. Tech Inspections

1. All vehicles will be tech prior to start of the event.
2. An inspection sticker will be placed upon the vehicle after passing tech.
3. Vehicles will be placed on the table after tech and not removed until positions awarded in it’s class.
4. If you need to work on you vehicle, the inspection sticker will be removed and vehicle re-tech before pulling.
5. The top three vehicles will be checked for rule compliance by the events official at the end of the final pull. The 4th and 5th place finishers will remain on reserve until the final tech is completed. If any of the top 3 fails tech then places will be awarded to next highest finisher.

III. Protest

1. Protest will be brought to the attention of an official at the time of infraction.
2. A protest fee will be placed by protester.
3. If the item protested is easily checkable, it will be verified at that time. Otherwise it will be investigated at the conclusion of the class.
4. If vehicle is found to be in violation, then forfeiture or class is imposed and protester’s fee is returned. Otherwise fee is given to protested for vehicle replacement.
5. Vehicle is retained by organization to be used as a source for replacement parts.
6. Owner may removed optional/add-ons prior to relinquishing vehicle.. i.e. switches.
7. Events official’s word is final.
8. Officials judgment on boundaries, staging, and pull distances are not protestable.

Individual Class Rules

Super Stock