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About the Layout

This is a tables layout. This layout features Suu from Clover. This is made in 1024x768 screen resolutions but is also viewable in 800x600 screens without a horizontal scrollbar showing.

Editing the Layout

You need to know basic html and css if you use this. Open index.html to edit the title, contents, links, etc. which is this page. Put your title in image_04.jpg then upload everything to your server/host.

CAUTION/NOTE: If ever the top image breaks, increase the 'height' of the table with the class 'tbl'. The current height is 300 and just increase the numeral if needed

Terms of Use

This is linkware only. You must link back to SeraphChildNET I did this layout for hours because tables are a pain in the butt and all I ask for that hard work is a link back. The credit for the layout and picture must be on every page if you wish to use the layout. Thanks to The Beast Anime Network for the image.