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New offense

Playname : Wiggins



1 dribbles to the left side. 2 pops out to the left wing. 5 post ups. 4 moves to the right elbow.


 1, 2 and 5 play the triangle. At anytime 1 could dribble toward 4. 4 screens down for 3. 3 pops out to the right wing and 4 post up. 5 moves to the left elbow and 2 moves to the left block.

 1 may pass directly to 4 stepping to the ball after screening or play the triangle with 3. The offense continues in this manner.

 1 or 2 reads the defense helping on 5, the ball is passed to 4. 5 pins the defense and steps to the middle for the pass.

 If 5 isn't open 4 looks for 3 posting up. 4 may take a dribble to the wing to improve his pasing angle. 5 comes to the left elbow, 2 moves to the left block and 1 slides across.

 The wings may cross if there is a lot of defensive pressure.