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New offense

Playname : Swizzle offense



1 passes to 2 popping out. 1 cuts off 4's screen to the basket looking for a return pass from 2.


 4 steps out ot receive a pass from 2. 1 sets a backscreen for 2 who cuts to the basket looking for a pass from 4. 3 ducks in to the basket and then receives a screen from 5, 3 cuts off 5's screen to the wing looking for a pass from 4. 3 looks for the shot and the pass inside to 5. 4 could also pass to 5 opening to the ball after 3 moves off his screen.

 Wing Dribble Option: 1 dribbles to the wing and 2 pops on top.

 4 screens for 1, who cuts to the basket. The action by 3 and 5 is the same.

 Post Pop Out Option: In this option 4 pops out instead of 2. All other actions are the same.