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New offense

Playname : Philadelphia slanted post



1 has three passes. The wing entry has three options. On all wing entry passes 1 follows the pass and 2 hands the ball back to 1.


 Option 1: 2 cuts straight at 5 then pops to the top. 1 passes to 2. 2 looks for the shot, or the pass to 4 posting inside or to 3 moving to the right wing. 3 would then look inside for 4.

 If nothing 2 dribbles to the right and 1 moves to the left guard spot and then cuts hard off of 5. 2 looks to pass to 1. 1 looks for the shot or the pass inside to 5 rolling to the basket.

 Option 2: Starts with the same pass and return.

 This time when 2 reaches 5, 2 cuts hard for the basket looking for a pass from 1. and 3 moves to the top. If 2 is not open 1 passes to 3, who immediately dribbles hard to the right wing looking inside for 4.

 and then 5 sets a screen for 2 who moves to the free throw line area.

 Option 3: Starts in the same manner.

 In option 3 player 4 flashes across the lane and post up on the left block. 3 sees this and moves to the ballside. 2 sees this and cuts over the top of 5 to the basket looking for a lob pass from 1.

 If 4 and 2 are not open, 3 moves to the right wing. 5 moves out and sets a screen for 1, who dribbles off the screen looking for the shot; the pass to 3 for the shot or the pass inside to 2; or the kick-back to 5 for the shot or the pass inside to 4.

 Option 4: 1 is unable to pass to 2. 1 passes to 3. 4 moves up to the right elbow. 2 runs the free throw line extended to the right side of the court. Using 5 and 4 as screens as he does so. After 2 passes 5, then 5 moves to the left block. The offense then continues in the same manner with 3 passing to 2 and receiving a return hand-off.

 If the ball is passed into 5 (the high post), 4 ducks in, 3 flairs out to the right wing. And 2 makes a backdoor cut to the basket.