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New offense

Playname : Gillette



4 steps out for a pass from 1. 3 pops to the wing. 4 looks for 5 ducking in and 3 popping out.


 5 can step out and set a screen for 3 who cuts across the lane looking for a pass from 4.

 4 passes to 1. 1 looks at 5 posting up. 4 downscreens for 3 who pops to the top of the key.

 If 1 passes to 2 on the initial pass, 4 will downscreen for 5 who cuts to the left block and post up. 3 pops to the right wing.

 If 5 doesn't receive an immediate pass from 2, he turns and crosses the lane to set a staggered screen with 4 for 3 who cuts to the ballside block.

 The last entry would be a dribble entry. 1 dribbles to the right wing. 3 moves toward the opposite block and receives a screen from 4. 3 cuts off 4's screen to the top of the key looking for a shot.