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New offense

Playname : Ballinger



1 dribbles to the left side. 2 cuts behind 4 and curls to the elbow area. 5 moves to the offside elbow and 3 moves to the offside block.


 1 looks to pass to 4. 1 then looks to pass to 2. On the pass to 2, 5 screens down for 3. 3 moves to the elbow area. 2 looks to pass to 3 or to 5 opening to the ball.

 If 3's defender is cheating to get over 5's screen, then 3 cuts through the lane and move off of a double-staggered screen set by 1 and 4 looking for a pass from 2 for the shot.

 If 3 comes off 5's screen and is not open then 3 moves to the right wing.

 2 then continues the offense by dribbling to the right wing and the offense continues in this manner.