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The North Point Store


     Welcome to the North Point Store! Over on the right you will see the designs that are available at this time. There are at least two additional designs being readied for the store and will arrive in a day or two. One is another tower design for the 558th, and the other is the U.S. Army Logo for the 619th.

     Notice to that I have expanded the product line as well. In the shirt line a Polo Shirt was added and also a T-Shirt for the ladies. You are also given two mug choices with a large and a small. I will also be looking at other additions in the future once we see how popular the current line up sells. I'm always open to your ideas so if there is something you would like to see here let me know.

     Special orders are possible if you have special art, or something special you want to say, run it by me and we will see what we can do. I'm also toying with a design to commemorate the 2011 Reunion being held in Memphis in August. If a reunion shirt is something your interested please let me know soon so that I can get it into the store.


  U.S. Army 558th

  Tower Rat 558th

  Kriegsfeld Crest 619th

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Kriegsfeld Special Weapons Depot (North Point)