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Memphis Reunion 2011
Memphis Reunion 2011
The 2011 North Point Reunion was a resounding success despite it's total failure. This reunion was started by a group of 558th MP's. In Total the were two there from the 558th. One of them has made all the reunions so far. Darrin was there but spent little time with the group. Attending were: Mike & Patty Demeter, Jim & Lana Eckman, Bruce & Diane Jacobson, Buzz & Kay Nelson, Jim Seal, Gerry Wheeler, Darrin Tanner & Date, & Ron & Nita Buckholz (We also had Renea our Granddaughter & Alexis our Niece). Throughout the weekend we were a very close knit group. We all went on the riverboat together and the women all went to Graceland. The guys stayed in the hotel and reminisced, and looked at old photos. We always ate as a group and we all had a wonderful time. I really don't understand why there is so little interest in these get togethers. We had such a great time!
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Passing Into Arkansas 
At the Arkansas Tourist Reception Center

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I wish I could have been at the Northpoint Reunion. I am currently in Enkenbach Germany taking care of my 4 month old Grandson while my daughter works at Rhine Ordnance Barracks.

Yesterday, Aug 20, 2011 we took a drive to Donnersberg and Northpoint. We were unable to drive up to the Signal Tower at Donnersberg but had a view of the tower. We drove to Northpoint from Donnersberg. The Post is closed and the Front Gate is locked. The Buildings are in good repair and there are more Buildings than I remember. The Fence is intact as is the Fence around the Ammo Depot to the North. The villages have grown and there seems to be more Forest areas than I remember. An Autobahn now than runs from Kiaserslautern to Frankfurt, so old Hwy 40 is sometimes hard to find.

Weierhof has grown. The 6 Army Apartment Buildings are being used as is the Weirehof School and the Weierhof Theater. The Weirehof Clinic and Officers Club have been replaced by Apartment Buildings. I could not find the Weirehof NCO Club, so I think that has also been replaced.

Sembach is now an Army Post. MPs will be moving in from the Heidelberg area. Sembach is our nearest Commissary, so we sometime make a quick dash for Groceries. We have friends in Hochspeyer who take their Children to Sembach for School.

The local Military Newspaper is: if you want to checkout what is happening in the Kiaserslautern Military Community.

I sent a few Northpoint pictures to Ron B.

Richard "Dick" Kappedal,
619TH Ordnance Company 68-70
Sioux Falls, SD
Richard "Dick" Kappedal, | August 22, 2011