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Photos Of Dachau

The Site as it looks today of the concentration camp known as Dachau

The Site as it looks today of the concentration camp known as Dachau


   The main gate of the Dachau Camp after the American liberation                     Model of the camp on display at the camp museum           




                        Work Makes You Free                                                                      The main building at the front of the camp              





The camps main building on left, and right are the actual bunks that prisoners were forced to sleep and live on




    The floor frames of the barracks remain to show their locations               The towers and fence remain as reminder of what once was       




On the left the outer fence with its drainage ditch, and the right the area between the fences




Another Guard Tower                                                                        The main crematorium building      




At the time I visited the camp crematoria and other exhibits were under going renovations                 




The Infamous Crematory ovens




A non-denominational memorial to the victims who arrived and never left as well as those who arrived only to suffer the effects for life 



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Kriegsfeld Special Weapons Depot (North Point)