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     Welcome to the Other Labyrinth. This is only a small glimpse of the imaginations of those whose works are posted here. nbsp;



Keinten Tisuv (a.k.a Kei)          


            Purpose: Labyrinth fanfic. Magic, science, and a girl with a calling. This is an alternate Labyrinth movie/story with different goals, though there are a lot of parallels to the movie. Jareth does make his appearances, and I hope to explain my little world of the labyrinth in the up-coming chapters! Don't forget to look at the appendix to see sketches of the story.   ***Voted Best Unfinished Fic in the 2002 Green Awards!***


            Progeny: description


Elizabeth (a.k.a. E!!!)

            Re-Building III: Labyrinth fanfic. Here is E's third fanfic, though it has transformed into a round robin of sorts! Based on the weekly chats sponsored at Judith's website Magic Dance, most of the characters are the regulars that have no real lives. Feel free to look and comment as you like and write a chapter or so! Just email it to me or E!

Alexandria Queen of Dreams (a.k.a Axe!)

                Compilation: Here are three Laby works of Miss Axe. Please visit her site as well (link provided in bio section)

                Random Acts of Kindness (Part 1):

                Homecoming (Part 2):

                Rediscovery (Part 3):



Morwenna Caddy (The Artist formerly known as Althena )

                         THE SNOWMAN: A dream written down (non-Laby)

                     Fractured Fae Rhymes: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK of dying of laughter! Rating: PG13.

                          Fractured Fae Rhymes II: Here is the Hilarious part 2! Please check it out, and die all over again!! (some have considered it having an 'R' rating... so be forewarned! ^_^


Morwenna Caddy -  You can also find more of MC's works on, so check her out!!!!

Elizabeth (the renown E!)

Kei - Look at your own risk.

Alexandria (The renown Axe!)            


Where the esteemed scholars present their thesis on the Underground and beyond.

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