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Name: Jooky (thought i was gonna give out my real name like a sucker right?)

Location: Ovilla, Texas

Age: 18 (ohh i'm an adult now!)

Fav Foods: twizzlers, cheese nips, chinese/italian/mexican food

Fav Drink: Pepsi, Iced tea, and a little Smirnoff once in awhile ;)~

CDs: BSB, Millennium, Black & Blue, Dave Matthews Band, Blink182, Sum41, New Found Glory, Linkin Park, Godsmack, Crazytown, NKOTB's Greatest Hits, Paul Okenfold, Toni Braxton, Barenaked Ladies, No Doubt, Offspring, Videodrone, Enya, Incubus, Green Day, "My Old School Rap Mix"........did i forget anything?

Fav Movies: Stigmata, DOGMA, Billy Madison, Gladiator, The Mummy/Mummy Returns, Pure Country, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (such a CLASSIC!), The 6th Sense, All The F13th movies, Bedazzled, The Craft, and a bunch more...

Hobbies: Music, Parties, Friends, Computer, Chillin' at Home, Photography, Clubbin, Cruisin to Oaklawn & DeepEllum.

Status: Single!




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