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Some of these quotes are not necessarily "theological." Some are just great quotes from the writings of theologians.

Quotations used on this web site are for purposes of review, demonstrating an author's views, and/or encouraging readers to procure their own copies of these works.

Quotes on The Trinity
What color was the robe?
Quotes from James Arminius
Quotes on Repentance
John Calvin on The Christian Life
Quotes from John Calvin (Miscellaneous)
Quotes from Lewis Sperry Chafer
Quotes from John Wesley (Miscellaneous)
Eternal Security
Total Depravity
The Divine Decrees
The Unpardonable Sin

Other Notes and Writings

Biblical Justification for Capital Punishment
Scriptural Proof for The Trinity
The Argument of I Thessalonians
The Argument of Hebrews
The Argument of Revelation
The Kingdom Motif in The Gospel of Matthew
An Exposition of the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24-25
The Preincarnate Christ
An Exposition of Ephesians 4:7-16
An Exposition of Philippians 2:5-11
An Exposition of Colossians 2:6-17
The Interpretation of Ezekiel 40-48
Daniel's 70 Weeks and Israel's Prophetic Program
The Biblical Texts for Handel's Messiah (highlighted version)
The Biblical Texts for Handel's Messiah (non-highlighted version)

Nursing Home Sermons

These are short sermons I delivered at a local nursing home. All are based on devotionals in the excellent publication Days of Praise, which contains messages written by members of the staff of the Institute for Creation Research. All I did was embellish the devotionals a little bit, and put them in a form suitable for a short sermon. Credit goes to the staff of ICR.

Elisha's Bears
Four World Scenarios
Working By Faith
The "Shall Nots" of Scripture

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History According to Student Bloopers
The Night Before Installation (a Programmer's tale)

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