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Quotes from Calvin, Wesley, Arminius, Chafer and others on issues in Systematic Theology and Bible Exposition, as well as my own expostions of passages of Scripture

In Memory of our Beloved Son, Steve

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Last updated February 27, 2009

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I'm changing the nature of this page, but leaving the old stuff

I am, both by training and past ministry, a Bible expositor. Although I have spent a great deal of time over the past few years reading works of Systematic Theology, I find that my greatest passion is reading and studying the Bible itself. My intent is to focus, at least initially, on passages which are controversial in their interpretation.

Over the past few years, I have also developed an interest in the teachings of Roman Catholicism, probably due to the fact that I was Roman Catholic until the age of 21. Therefore, there may be some discussion, in future updates to this site, of Roman Catholicism. However, there will be no bashing of Roman Catholicism done here.

A little bit about me...

I was born into a family which was nominally Roman Catholic. I received my First Holy Communion and Confirmation before Vatican II had kicked in, so as a child I attended church when the Mass was in Latin.

At college, I developed friendships with many non-Catholics who had a different view of the doctrine of salvation than what I had learned as a Roman Catholic. After many attempts over three years to get me to sit down and actually listen to them, I finally consented and, after seeing it presented from the Scriptures, I embraced the doctrine of salvation as it is normally taught in most Protestant and Baptist churches (i.e., that we are saved by God's grace, solely through our faith in Jesus Christ).

About six months later, I left the Catholic church and began attending a non-denominational church of the type which is typically called a "Plymouth Brethren" assembly.

In 1976, my wife and I moved to the Dallas, Texas area where I attended Dallas Theological Seminary and earned a Th.M. in Bible Exposition (1981).

Although our beliefs are still primarily those of the "Brethren" assemblies, we have attended Southern Baptist churches over the past few years, since we have moved into areas where there are no Brethren assemblies nearby.

What is Orthodox Protestant Theology?

If one were to look in a dictionary, one would find many definitions of "orthodoxy." For the purposes of this web site, however, I consider Orthodox Protestantism to include belief in the following:

There are, however, differences of opinion in certain doctrines which, although still important, would not put a system outside of the umbrella of orthodoxy. Such doctrines include the following:

On this web site, I will present arguments for both those doctrines which are essential to orthodoxy, and for some of the doctrines in which great orthodox thinkers have differed. I will use quotations from the Bible and from well-known authors as much as possible.

In addition to quotes related to different systems of Theology, this site has quotes related to the exposition of certain passages, and other Biblical subjects.

I will also include other items which may be of interest to those who enjoy studying God's word.

I sincerely hope that the issues presented on this site will stimulate, not confusion or argument, but diligent study of the Bible.

Quotations used on this web site are for purposes of review, demonstrating an author's views, and/or encouraging readers to procure their own copies of these works.

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