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Last Updated 03/04/2003

|07/2/2003|-All the passes are finshed finally! And I also set up the card-marking section! Plus I added the Hearts & Diamonds Bomb!

|03/04/2003|-Due to the excessive downloading of my ebooks, Ive been forced to remove them from the site. but they can still be found on our yahoo group. you can sign up below.

If theres a certain card trick your lookin for or you just wanna chat about cards, please dont hesitate to get in touch with me Here. I do get a lot of email at times, but I always reply. also if your looking for card videos, let me know, I can probably save you some money. Also, dont forget to join the cnc group for more card files, to join look below:

You can also find me on AIM under the screename JCGDoom

Card Tricks
Houdini's Black Ace Hoax
Scarnes Color Control
Cardology--A card trick w/out cards
The Mind Mirror
3 Card Monte
The Pass
The Invisible Turnover Pass
The Zingone Perfect Table Pass
The Flesh Grip Pass
The Jog Pass
The Braue Pass
The Charlier Pass
The Herrmann Pass
The Finger Palm Pass Improved
One-Hand Cut(Basic Method)
One-Hand Cut(1st Variation)
One-Hand Cut(2nd Variation)
One-Hand Cut(2nd Method)
False Shuffles
The Strip-Out False Shuffle
The Perfect Riffle Shuffle
A False Shuffle Par Excellence
Miscellaneous Card Stuff
Hearts & Diamonds Bomb
My List of Card/Magic Books
How to Present Magic
Card Throwing
Marked Cards
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
3 Card Monte
The Expert at the Card Table(zipped)
ECT pt1 (html version)|ECT pt2

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This area is still under construction so not all the links arent working yet, just keep checking back! Ive really been wanting to do this for a long time, so if it goes too long without an update, feel free to email me, and find out what the hold up is, or if you just want to find out what all is gonna be on here.

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