Battles with suicide
Battles to keep whats left inside
Nowhere to run to anymore
Why can't I just be me?
Why do I feel like pains whore?
Have you ever tried to die
Have you ever tried to lie or face reality
They say "it'll be ok"
It's funny how tomorrow brings a new shame
It's all false I can't be me
Life isn't so pretty
Changes make mistakes
Mistakes make changes
It's give and take..
It's love and hate
Suicide - a disease I love to have
Suicide - a thought the burns in my mind
With razor between finger and thumb
It isn't as quick as the gun...but it's still fun
Nothing but blood falls from my eye
"Only the strong shall survive..
And the weak shall die"
I am the beholder
I am the eye
With the truth revealed
I am so weak, I'll just take my life
In a pool of emptiness, I lay and die


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Songs/Poetry © Gordon Creamer (aka needle.lust)