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May The Moon Unite Us

May the moon unite us

Not only during the Mid Autumn Festival

But always.

Let us look at the moon

And be united with our dearest Haibing

And with our extended family worldwide.

The moon can be the most beautiful thing

Besides Haibing himself, his eyes, his smile....

That brings us all together.

-by Kim Yi

Written on January 16, 2003.

I was very inspired reading the messages to fans that Haibing wrote and Yuhne has up on her site. I was very touched and they made me cry. Happy tears because he is so dear and unhappy tears because I am on the other side of the world from him.

I will be posting special poems to Haibing here. Here is a brand new one:

Your Smile

When I see you smile
Everything seems worthwhile
You open up my heart
And fill the deepest part

You reach the darkness
With the light of your smile
Your eyes gives me new sight
As I deeply connect a while

It may only be a short time
That we can be a part
Of the togetherness we share
You are always in my heart

I carry you with me always
And feel the warmth of your smile
Deep inside my happy heart
It seems to be your special style

-by Kim Yi

Here is the Valentine poem I wrote to Haibing from all of us

May The Moon Unite Us

May the moon unite us
A devoted family of fans
To give all our love
And to support to our man (you)!

Our hearts belong to you
They beat very proudly.too
With each one they proclaim
Our love is forever true!

By you and your wonderful talent
We are deeply touched
You move us in your special ways
We love you so much!

Let the moon remind us all
Of the love that we share
No matter how far apart we are
We will truly always care!

- by Kim Yi

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