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My Favorites

Thought I would share with you my favorite guys. Most people would probably say my favorite Chinese actors, but to me they are just my favorites. Smile.

Here are two of my favorite photos of Haibing in costume.

Two of my favorite photos of him with young fans. How can you not love these?

I love this wave photo! Is he not darling?

He reminds me very much of Leslie Cheung here.

Here are two of my very favorite guys who are good friends...Jackie & Leslie. In Loving Memory of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing 1956-2003

Here is a new favorite of mine...Roger Kwok. Also, reminds me of Leslie. I absolutely adore Roger's TVB series,"The Legend Of Heaven And Earth - The Mermaid"! He very very much reminds me of someone very close to me.

I can't forget the ladies! Here are my favorite actresses! Notice I didn't say Chinese, because one is Malaysian and two are Chinese Americans.

Michelle Yeoh is definitely the BEST, isn't she? Here she is with Leslie at the premiere of her movie, "The Touch" last year. She has, of course, made many films with Jackie and some with Leslie.I feel sure that Haibing will be working with her sooner rather than later.

Then there is Gong Li who has starred with Leslie in two of his best movies..."Farewell, My Concubine" and "Temptress Moon".

Here is Ming Na who I dearly love as well.

And one can never forget Lucy Liu. Love her!Can't wait to see her in "Chicago"!

And....I don't know anyone who doesn't love Zhang ZiYi.

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