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Welcome to the House Lavoisier Web-Site. All information listed is OOC (Out of Character) Below are two links one for Visitors, and the other for Members of the House Lavoisier


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What Is The Camarilla?

The Camarilla is an international, non-profit organization that uses live action role-playing games to bring people together and then encourages the players to explore charity avenues and benefit their local and global communities. It is mainly the sanctioned fan organization for White Wolf Gaming™ and Mind's Eye Theatre™. All game rules used are determined based upon existing rules from Mind's Eye Theatre games. By having a standard set of rules, it allows players to move from one area to another with a minimum of character problems and disputes. Although the games are the reason most people join the Camarilla, the Camarilla actually puts more emphasis on charity events. For more information on the Camarilla, visit their link below.


What Is Mind's Eye Theatre?

Mind's Eye Theatre is a live action role-playing system based on White Wolf's World of Darkness setting. In the World of Darkness, players enter a gothic version of our world and time where Vampires, Werewolves, Wraiths, Mages and even Fairies or Mummies exist. Told through the eyes of a storyteller, players interact with one another and mold the story after their own designs. Games feature political intrigue, moral issues, supernatural events, simulated combat and the clash between horror and humanity. Truth be told, most players compare it more to an impromptu theater than a role-playing game. This is because in most of the games the storyteller acts like a director and gives a general storyline, then allows the players to go where they want with the story, only controlling minimally by throwing in plot twists and antagonists where needed to keep the story going to the conclusion he would like to see. For more information visit your local comics, hobby, or gaming store.

How Do I Join The Camarilla?

To join you must be 18 or older due to liability in case of the freak chance of injury (although no props are allowed during games). You should contact your local organizer or coordinator who can help you obtain all the necessary information. To find out if the Camarilla has a chapter near you, check their web page link above. To learn more about the gaming world of Mind's Eye Theatre visit your local comics, hobby, or gaming store for the books listed below.

Laws of the Night - The beginning book for vampires.

Laws of the Wild - The beginning book for werewolves.

Oblivion - The beginning book for wraiths.

Liber De Ghoules - The beginning book for ghouls.

Shining Host - The beginning book for fairies.

Laws of Elysium - The advanced book for vampires.

Laws of the Hunt - A book of antagonists for all character types.

Laws of the Hunt Players Guide - The advanced book of antagonists.

Laws of Night - The Revised Beginning Book for Vampires

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If your local stores do not carry any of the books above you can order these and other White Wolf™ World of Darkness material directly from White Wolf by checking their web page at


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Updated Monday April 23, 2001

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