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The bike

What year is it?  What kind is it?  I have been asked that question so many times.  That is a hard question to answer.  My typical answer, take your pick.  It is a contraption of various parts from various years.  I built it entirely myself. Many parts are old, new, used, donated, and simply fabricated.  Here are the basics:

Paughco 1996 rigid frame (oooohhh my back), HD 1975 shovelhead engine cases, S&S heads and cam cover, S&S stroker flywheels (4.5”stroke, 3.5” bore), 4 speed transmission, Kick start only (sore ankle), HD softtail wheels (took a little work to make those babies fit), Fat Boy front fender and sliders, Hinged rear fender, Jay brake 4 piston rear caliper, Mustang touring seat (only way my wife will ride with me), 32 amp alternator, single fire Dyna ignition coils and pickup, and a 6 gallon gas tank (I don’t like to stop for gas).

I purchased the frame uncoated and the engine in pieces.  I decided early on that I need a little more rake than 30 degrees.  Therefore I took a nice chop saw to the head tube mount, heated and bent the tube up, and welded in a spacer along with two triangular plates.  Turned out as well as I anticipated.  It now holds its own at about 38 degrees.  Stock length forks along with a low swung frame make it scrape easily around turns.  Of course it rides rougher and handles worse, but it looks good!

This is the present condition.  I still have many plans for the machine.  Composing mostly of parts that I will cast and machine.



Still under construction here.  Pictured it had a belt primary. The belt kept breaking and left me stranded twice. There are many reasons why it may have broke. I checked all of the obvious ones after it broke the first time.  Just could not get it to work.  I finally converted it to chain all around.  Afterwards, it was suggested by a knowledgeable source speaking through experience that the idler pulley may have been at fault.  I think it very well might have been.  Irrelevant now though since it is chain.


Looking down upon the beast………a Keihin CV carb on a shovelhead.  There’s something you do not see everyday.  Runs great with it.