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Old engine for iron?

Two Chevrolet engine heads.  I took the valves out before cutting.

It cut.  Not like steel, but it cut.  It cut better than I thought it would.  Just took a lot of heat to get it there.  It was more of a melting and blowing than a cutting.  Regardless it worked well.  I think for me it was the easiest way to break them up into pieces.  I cut through the top surfaces and into the passages.  I then hit them with a sledgehammer and broke the bottom surface.

Cut in 1/3rds.  Still to big to fit into my crucible.


Here is a section of the cut.  Notice the top being cut and the bottom being broken.


Here is the final size of the pieces.  I cut the thirds in half for a total of 6 pieces per head.


Two cut-up heads…it took about 35 minutes to complete.  I think each head might have weighed 40 lbs or so.  Not to bad for 80 lbs of free good iron.  Also pictured are some scrap steel castings in the right corner of the picture.  I might try to melt them someday if needed, but I doubt I can reach the temperature.

Soon to come…. The block…