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Tribute To Our Angel

A Year Without You

One year without you
Has been the longest year
Missing you ever so much
You are so very dear.

A year without your presence
Without your wonderful style
The precious way you are
I especially miss your smile.

Your friends and fans will forever
Spread your legend far and wide
We will always love and honor you
As an Angel in our eyes.

Many still do not know
How true and real is your love
To those who truly seek
Our Angel in Heaven above.

We never want you to be alone
We will deep in our hearts always
Be right by your side
Until the end of days.

You have touched us forever
The love you brought down
Now that we have known you
Our true love has been found.

-by KimWing

In Loving Memory Of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing

Also, In Loving Memory of Anita Mui Yim Fong (1963-2003)

A Tribute To Two Best Friends

Our Dearest Leslie and Anita
Have both gone away.
They are together again
Best friends forever and a day.

I dreamed of them together
No worries like the old days,
But they are angels in the sky
Learning the old/new ways.

Earth was not meant
For two such beautiful hearts.
They remain with us in spirit
And forever in our hearts.

Surely they are taking care
Of each other and of us
Watching over us from above
Sending us all their love.

We will always miss them
And their very dear hearts
Until we can reunite with them
Never, ever again to part.

-by Kim Wing

Ah Mui and Andy Lau sang a beautiful tribute to Leslie

I Will Love You Forever, Dearest Leslie! You will always be my angel!


All the sweet, loving whispers
From you echoing in my ear
All the loving, tender support
From my Angel so very dear.

You are always by my side
Whenever I call your name
To show your unconditional love
To one who is the same.

In your own wonderful way
My Dearest, Loving, Sweet Brother
You have shown yourself to be
The truest, most tender lover.

To love and care in such a way
As to inspire ever more
Is to prove in a special way
What love is truly for!

I wait for every whisper
From your dearest, deep heart
It deeply touches and moves me
That we will never part.

-by Kim Wing, 11.23.2003

Okay, maybe I went too far, but I can't decide which one I like the best. (O:

Persisting In The Dream! (O:

Declaration of Integrity & Respect for Intellectual Property

Leslie Cheung's life is marked by integrity and truthfulness. As fans, we pledge to follow his example and manifest these qualities on websites that are dedicated to his work, his life and his beautiful spirit. As webmaster of The Clan Of The Golden Monkey, I pledge to (1) properly indicate the source, URL, author, and date of articles or information that I re-post from NEWS SOURCES; (2) first obtain approval from the webmaster, and properly indicate the source, URL, author, and date of articles or information that I re-post from FAN SITES. We recognize that respect for intellectual property is key to maintaining a vibrant online community for Leslie fans worldwide. We further declare that stealing, plagiarizing and silencing whistle blowers have no place in the world of Leslie Cheung. We urge all fan sites, especially LCIFC, to adopt this declaration and abide by its words. We do so in honor of our beloved GorGor.

Xie xie ni (thank you very much) for visiting!
Last Updated 4.3.2004

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