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Prayer List

Gino's back is better

Gia is off her medicine and sleeping better
President Bush's testimony was strong in the State of the Union address
For the Sick:
Injuries to Patti, Charles, and Adonn
Chronic illness of Kathy Trahan
Bab's friends Erin and Jonathan
Emily's aunt Mary
Cindy's boss's wife, Constance, who is expecting twins
and has been order bed rest
Rosie's nephew, Mike
Linda and her baby, Walker
Gino's friend, Dave's sister-in-law, gravely ill
Brandi, recuperating from the flu
David and Cathy's parents
Other Request:
For our nation, our president, and all leaders
For the world situation and our allies
For our church, that we may grow as God leads
For a worship team leader and more teachers for the children
For all the men and women in the military
For the economy and the various workplaces represented by our members
For travelers, particularly Babs and Mike, and, later in the month, Chug and Pat