Game Camera Tips

If you have ever thought about using an automated game camera to capture your own wildlife photos, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Deciding where to put the camera takes some hunting skill. I like to mount the camera where it observes active game trails. Setting up a bait pile also seems to work well. Keep in mind that game cameras often fall victim to theft. You need to use it an area that is restricted such as private property. In my case, I also use it in areas that are very remote and see little or no other human activity.

Hunting skill plays a big part in your success with the camera. You need to be careful and not leave any more of your scent on the camera than you have to. Also, try not to contaminate the general area with your scent. I am not a big believer in cover scents. However, if you try to use any of the commercially available cover scents, don't put it directly on the camera.

It is better to mount the camera about 3 ft. off of the ground and pointing straight ahead toward the area in which you want to monitor. Mounting the camera at your own eye level and positioning it to where it is pointing down limits the camera's range. Besides, mounting it lower to the ground captures more game. If you mount the camera 5 to 6 ft. off of the ground, many animals will be able to walk underneath the field of view and not trigger the camera.

Most of the cameras I have seen utilize the same type of motion sensing device as a motion sensing outdoor light. These types of devices are often triggered by contrasting temperature variances in air currents. I do not put my camera out when there is a cold front coming. If I do, it often takes several pictures of nothing.

Good batteries are important. When the batteries get low in some of these devices, it often causes them to start triggering photos arbitrarily.

One final note about automated game cameras. They are able to hunt 24 hours a day. If there is game movement at that particular location, the camera will catch it on film.

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