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Game Camera Pics

Round 3


These next two pics are interesting.During the last round, I mentioned that rutting bucks donít always keep the same schedule when traveling a scrape line.(They may not even use their own scrapes!)However, these next two photos show that this little buck not only moves on the same trail, he literally moves like he is on a timeclock.Both of the following pictures were taken of him at the same spot at EXACTLY the same time-on different days!



The next deer pic was taken at 8:59pm but I canít tell what gender of deer it is.Notice the bright reflection of the deerís left eye from the flash.


And now for the mystery pic. I donít know what the bright object is at the top left of the picture.It was taken at 5:07am.You will notice that the camera is in the same location as in the previous picture.Itís not the moon.It is also beyond the time of night when night time bugs would be flying.Besides, it is getting a little cold for the bugs to be out.Whatever it is, itís on the negative too.Maybe itís one of those balls of bright light that we are starting to hear about during bigfoot sightings?Maybe itís a UFO coming to pick up a bigfoot?Maybe bigfoot found the camera and he is poking his finger at it?Well, enough of the joking.Whatever it is, it caused the camera to trigger.Some of you photo experts help me out here.This is the only picture I have ever taken with this camera that this image appeared.Definitely weird.

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