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Game Camera Photos

Round 2


Further testing of the game camera reveals that I am still getting that fuzzy bright spot on the left-hand side of pictures that are taken at night with a flash.This is a reflection off of the bill of the lid of the cam.I scuffed it up with 100 grit sandpaper, and it appears that the spot has diminished considerably.Apparently though, I still need to do some more scuffing.Also, the unitís 6-volt rechargeable battery is only lasting about 10 days between charges.The manufacturer says it should go about 4 weeks.They said it might have a bad cell and they would send me another one.A sign that the battery is starting to fail is the camera will start snapping pictures one after another until the film runs out.I check it every time I check the camera and recharge it when the voltage falls below 4 volts.

8:16pm-† Coyote! He looks like he was spooked by something.Maybe he picked up my scent on the camera.


7:34pm-This little buck is proof that although deer have poor eyesight, they do notice things as being unfamiliar or out of place.He obviously found the camera.Notice his scarred ears.At one time, it appears that he was almost lunch for a pack of coyotes or some other predator.Dogs wouldnít be fast enough-especially in the brush.


3:34am-This picture looks like the same 2 year-old buck above due to the scarring of his ears.However, it was taken at a different time, perhaps even on a different day.The camera can record either the time of day, or the date, but not both.Living proof that bucks during the rut donít always keep the same schedule.


11:43pm-About a 2 Ė 3 year-old doe.


4:28am-Appears to be another young doe about to cross through the opening in the fence.


3:31am-This is the south end of a larger north bound deer.Iím guessing it is a doe because a buck that size carrying a good set of antlers would opt to jump the fence instead of cross through it.


5:50pm - Well, well! What have we here? Could this be one of the infamous "black jaguars" that aren't supposed to exist anymore in the south? Assuming this is the same one, we have seen this big cat on more than one occasion in the area. And, it is big. To give you an idea, the hook at the end of his tail is above the top wire of the barbed wire fence that he is about to cross through. The top wire is over 4 feet off of the ground.

I hope you enjoyed the pics.Iíll post more as I develop them.

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