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Descendants of John Harris

Part III of Descendants of Isaac Harris

By Garda M. Hodgson

John Harris, the son of Isaac Harris of Meherrin Parish, Brunswick County, Virginia, was born about 1757. He married a woman named Frances. He was in Rutherford County, North Carolina by 1785. The records there reveal that his brothers William and Wooten Harris were there as early as 1782/3. His brother, Benjamin Harris, was also there when he married Rutha Byers in about 1789. John Harris purchased 100 acres of land on the Middle Fork of Cathey's Creek in Rutherford County on October 1, 1785 from James Black. He purchased an additional 100 acres "on Middle Fork of Cathey's Creek of 2nd Broad River close under the mountain joining lands of James Black on the east side including his own improvement" on March 7, 1786 from Thomas Donnelson of South Carolina. Then on May 3, 1790, he purchased 100 acres on a fork of Boren's Creek, waters of Main Broad River, from Martha Douglas, and 150 acres on Suck Branch of Boren's Creek from Thomas McSwain on August 23, 1794. On September 15, 1797, he sold 200 acres, "being the 100 acres purchased from James Black and 100 acres purchased of Thomas Donaldson" to Andrew Hampton, for £200.

[[[ I don't know whether this should be a dollar sign or pounds sterling sign -- it came through to me as an odd character, so I assumed it was pounds sterling ????? ]]]

The original will of John Harris was found in the Division of Archives and History at Raleigh, North Carolina. It was dated December 29, 1797, and probated during October Court in 1798. The dates had been copied incorrectly into Rutherford County, North Carolina, Will Book B p 99 as made in 1794 and probated in 1795. In this will, John Harris devised all his real and personal estate to his wife, Frances, for the benefit of herself and children during her life or widowhood, and at the expiration of either, the land was to be divided between his three sons: Peter, John, and Reuben. His personal estate was to be divided between his four daughters and his wife, Frances. His daughters were Sally, Betsy, Anny and Judah. He appointed his wife executrix and George Blanton executor. John Willson was a witness.

The names of the children's spouses were obtained from Rutherford County Court Minutes dated April 1839 (FHL film # 0428,787 p 111) when Jeremiah Runyan, who married John's daughter, Sarah "Sally" Harris, gave evidence to prove that her brother, John Harris, was a soldier of the 7th Regiment of Infantry, and died September 3, 1818. John Harris was not married. He left his estate to his brothers and sisters: Peter Harris, Sally who married Jeremiah Runyan, Elizabeth Huskey, Nancy who married Josiah McFarland, Judy who married Robert Russ, and also to Elizabeth Harris, the daughter of Reuben Harris, deceased, the brother of John Harris, late soldier of the 7th Regiment of Infantry.

The 1790 United States Census includes the name of the head of each family, the number of males over age sixteen, the number under sixteen, plus the total number of females. In the 1790 Census of Rutherford County, North Carolina, there were two men named John Harris who were named as a head of a family. Either one could be ours. In the first family, there were two males over age sixteen including John, three males under sixteen, and five females including John's wife. In the second family, besides John Harris and his wife, there were four children, three males and one female, who were all under age sixteen. If the first family is ours, then all his children were born before 1790, and there was an extra male over age 16 living with the family. If the second family is ours, then three of his daughters were born after 1790. John died before October 1798 so was not counted in the 1800 census. I did not find a listing for his widow, Frances Harris either.

The age of Judy Harris, the youngest daughter, was reported as age 50 in the 1850 census of Cleveland County, North Carolina; however, she must have been born by 1798 or at the latest 1799 if she was born after her father's death. She may have fudged a little when reporting her age. Anyway, this is strong evidence that the second John Harris family is the correct one.

The three youngest daughters of John Harris, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Judah Harris were minors on April 9, 1805 when Joseph Camp was appointed to be their guardian. (See Rutherford County Court Minutes for April 9, 1805.)

(Child #2 of Isaac Harris)

John Harris apparently married his wife, Frances, while they were still living in Virginia. Their daughter, Sarah, was born in Virginia according to the 1850 census of Cleveland County, North Carolina. John was living in Rutherford County, North Carolina by 1785. It is assumed that their children born before that date were born in Virginia, probably in Brunswick County, and the others were born in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Sarah and Judy are the only two of his children for whom descendants have been found.

  1. Peter HARRIS b abt 1782 VA.
  2. * Sarah "Sally" HARRIS b abt 1784/5 (65-1850) VA; m Jeremiah RUNYAN.
  3. John HARRIS b abt 1787 Rutherford Co, NC; d 3 Sep 1818, unmd, soldier in NC 7th Regiment of Infantry.
  4. Reuben HARRIS b abt 1789 Rutherford Co, NC, d before Spring Court 1839; m had daughter, Elizabeth HARRIS.
  5. Elizabeth "Betsy" HARRIS b abt 1792 Rutherford Co, NC; m Mr. HUSKEY.
  6. Ann "Nancy" HARRIS b abt 1795 Rutherford Co, NC; m Josiah McFARLAND.
  7. * Judah "Judy" HARRIS b abt 1798 Rutherford Co, NC; m Robert RUSS.

(Child #2 of John and Frances Harris)

Sarah "Sally" Harris was born about 1784/5 in Virginia - most likely in Brunswick County, Virginia. She was age sixty-five in 1850. She married Jeremiah Runyan, who was considerably older than she. His age and place of birth was given as "age 85, New Jersey" in the 1850 census of Cleveland County, North Carolina. Cleveland County was formed from Rutherford and Lincoln Counties in 1841. It was reported in the 1880 and 1900 census records that the father of Reuben H. Runyan was born in New York. The 1880 Cleveland County census report for Eliza (Runyan) Gibbons also indicated her father's birthplace as New York.

Mona A. Wamick in her book, Borders, Logan, Rippy, Crawford, Runyan and Connections gives the following information about the origin of the Runyan family:

"The Runyan (Runyon) family is of Huguenot ancestry. Our first ancestor to come to these shores was VINCENT RONGNION (ROIGNON), born at or near Portiers, Vienne, France, about 1645-47. To escape religious persecution, the family went first to the Isle of Jersey, off the coast of France, and then to New Jersey about 1665-6, and first settled in Elizabethtown. . ."

The account continues naming Vincent's wife, Ann Martha Boutcher, and his children, John, Vincent, Ann, Thomas, Mary, Peter, Jane, and Sarah Runyan. A direct connection between Vincent Runyan and Jeremiah Runyan was not made, but Jeremiah was possibly a descendant of Vincent. Jeremiah Runyan was first mentioned in the Rutherford County, North Carolina Court records in October Court 1782 as a result of a law suit brought against him by James Miller, Jas Russell, and Stand Selby, in which he (Jeremiah) was security for John Twitty. The suit was discharged. Of course, Jeremiah would have to be "of age" at that time, so he was born at least as early as 1761. In addition, data from Sarah and Jeremiah Runyan's tombstones was sent to me by Gordon Runion, of Inman, South Carolina. "Jeremiah Runyan died April 5, 1851, age 93." If he was age ninety-three at death, he would have been born in 1758 which seems quite possible.

"Sally died August 11, 1853; they both died in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and were buried at Pine Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, just off Highway 18 from Shelby, NC to Gaffney, SC, a few miles from Highway I-85 in Cleveland Co, NC."


The records in the Estate File for Jeremiah Runyan (See FHL 1,730,314 Cleveland County, North Carolina Estate Records) include the following:

  1. May Session of Court 1851, the petition of "Sarah Runions, widow of Jeremiah Runions, dec'd," to have one years support set aside for herself and family.

  2. June 16 1852 Lamich Edwards and Mary Edwards, his wife, of the County of Choctaw, and State of Mississippi, appoint Reuben H. Runyan of Cleveland County, North Carolina, their lawful attorney to obtain Mary's share of the estate of her father Jeremiah Runyan, dec'd.

  3. Cleveland County, North Carolina Court of Law and Equity Fall Term 1852 the Petition, to the of Judge of the Court, from "Jerry Runions, Reuben Runions, James Runions, Farman Runions, William Runions, John Runions, John Bolen and wife Elizabeth, Jesse Gibbons and wife Eliza, and Phoebe and Frances Runions," to sell all the land owned by Jeremiah Runyan at his death and pay the petitioners their proportionate part; the clerk and Master reported that he believed it to be to the advantage of all to have a sale of the lands.

  4. Spring Term 1853, Clerk and Master reports lands sold: To Sally Runyan, widow, 54 acres at $36.00; to Jas Rippy 93 acres at $214.83; to E. S. E. Chambers 140 acres at $350.00. "All brought a fair price except the piece bought by Sarah Runyan, widow. The petition prayed to sell all the land, but a dower of her deceased husband and land had never been laid off to her, and a portion of the land was her's by inheritance from her father's estate, and by consent with her and her children at sale, she was to

    [[[ The apostrophe in "her's" is incorrect usage. (It would read "her is" as a contraction; the possessive case usage should be simply "hers.") However, if it was this way in the original, we should retain it; if it's a typo of ours, then we'll delete it. You'll have to tell me which. ]]]

    buy the homestead 54 acres at $30.00, and take a child's part of the price of the whole land belonging to her deceased husband."

    (Note: It has come to my attention that some have interpreted the part above in bold to read by consent with his and her children. It's impossible to tell which is correct from the photocopy of the original, but it seems logical that the agreement would be between her and her children, since she would have to be a party to the agreement. The inference here is that she was the mother of all his children.)

  5. Clerk and Master of the Court reports that Sarah Runions, widow of late J. Runyans, dec'd, has since the sale of the land, died seized of a portion of the original tract, and it is ordered to sell the land for cash and the proceeds be placed as a part of the estate.

  6. Georgia         )        (January 9, 1854)
    Cobb County)     To the Honorable Court of Ordinary of said county -

    The petition of Thompson B. Hamrick, showeth that he is the father of Narcissa, Adeline, Blanton and Jane Hamrick, and their grandfather, Jeremiah Runion of the state of North Carolina, left them an legacy which they cannot obtain only through a guardian should they obtain it soon. Your petitioner further showeth that he being the natural guardian of said minor children is desirous of giving the bond and security . . and further showeth that said minor children are all more than fourteen years of age and have made choice of him as their natural guardian to act for them in obtaining said estate . . The Court appoints Thompson B. Hamrick natural Guardian of his minor children.

    Georgia           )        (January 10, 1854)
    Cobb County )     Know all men by these presents that we: Sally Hamrick, John W. Stancil and Irena Stancil, wife of John W. Stancil, formerly Irena Hamrick, and James R. Hamrick, heirs of Frances Hamrick, daughter and heir of Jeremiah Runyan, late of the state of North Carolina, deceased, nominate & appoint Thompson B. Hamrick our lawful attorney . . to recover of John Boarders, administrator of estate of Jeremiah Runyan . . all goods belonging to us . . and to do all necessary acts relating to the collecting of our share of the estate of our grandfather the said Jeremiah Runyan or his wife Sarah Runyan, deceased, . .
           Signed: Sally (X) Hamrick, John W. (X) Stancil, Irena (X) Hamrick, James R. (X) Hamrick Acknowledged January 13, 1854.


Trying to arrange the children of Jeremiah and Sarah Runyan in an orderly sequence according to their age turned out to be quite a challenge. The census records were not very accurate. Still the attempt seemed worthwhile, so I'm including my analysis of the data I had to work with:

In 1800, Sally and Jeremiah Runyan had one child, a son under age ten years. In 1810, they had six children: one male age "ten to sixteen" years, one male and four females "under age ten years." In 1820, there were six additional children: two males and four females "under age ten" making a total of twelve children. There were no children under age ten in the 1830 census so it seemed all the children were born by 1820. However, there were only four boys accounted for in these records two of which were born before 1810, but there were five boys named in the estate file: Jerry, Reuben, James, Farman, William, and John. Apparently one of the boys had been missed.

In the 1820 census, besides those under age ten years, there was a male and female age "ten to sixteen," and two males and three females in the "sixteen to twenty-five" age bracket. Now there were three males who were born before 1810. The boy that was missed in 1810 was now included, but there are two unidentified females. Was one of the boys counted as a female in 1810? Or were there visiting relatives that account for the two extra females?

The ages of Reuben, James and Furman Runyan are known to be after 1810, and Jeremiah R. Runyan was age forty-six in 1850 so was born about 1804. This leaves William R. Runyan and John Runyan to be either the one male born before 1800, or the male who was age ten to sixteen in 1820. Thus Jeremiah R. Runyan, William R. Runyan, and John Runyan are the three boys born before 1810.

Two of the daughters who were born before 1810 have been identified. The first is Frances Runyan, who married Thompson Blanton Hamrick. She was in the 30-40 age bracket in 1840, and had eight children at that time. She died not long after this census was taken. Her husband married again by about 1844 and had three additional children before 1850. The other daughter, Phoebe Runyan, married Cornelius Gidney. She was age forty-five in 1850 so was born about 1805. I have not found enough information about Elizabeth, who married John Bolen, to know if she was born before or after 1810. There were unidentified daughters who were born before and also one born after 1810. Elizabeth could fit either place. It does seem that one or two of the daughters may have died young.

The younger children, born after 1810 (2M 4F), include Reuben H. Runyan, who was born in March 1815, and James Runyan born about 1816 (he was age 34 in 1850). To complicate things three of the children's ages, reported in census records, made them all appear to be born in 1820. These were Furman who was age thirty in 1850, Mary, who was age forty in 1860 and Eliza, who was age sixty in 1880. Fortunately other records have been found to partially correct this. Furman's age was given as age forty-three in 1860, and he died April 24, 1897 at age 80 years. Eliza's tombstone shows her to be age eighty-nine when she died in 1904. This would make her born about 1815 which is the year her brother Reuben was born. They could be twins; if not, it's impossible to tell which is the older and which is the younger.

Two and possibly three of the children named in the petition to sell the land were deceased at the time the petition was made. Yet they were named as parties to the petition as though they were alive. I suppose the reason for this was to save time, and so their children could receive their fair share of the estate; but actually it is their children who should have been named.

Not much has been found about John, and it is still uncertain if he or William R. Runyan was the oldest child. I recently found out much

[[[ Can you give a year or approximate month and year instead of "recently?" Someone may read this several years from now. ]]]

more about William R. Runyan from Gordon Runion of Inman, South Carolina. He has been a big help in tracing the families of all the children.

Children--born in Rutherford (now Cleveland) Co, NC
  1. John RUNYAN b abt 1799. (1M -10 in 1800) (or this could be William R.)
  2. * Frances Catherine RUNYAN b abt 1801; m Thompson Blandon HAMRICK.
  3. (daughter) RUNYAN b abt 1802 (? possibly Elizabeth who m John BOLEN).
  4. * Jeremiah R. RUNYAN b abt 1804 (46-1850); m Tabitha COLLINS.
  5. Phoebe RUNYAN b abt 1805 (45-1850); m Cornelius GIDNEY (b abt 1799, age 40-50 - 1840, d before 1850). They were living in York Co, SC, in 1840.

         Children: (1850 census Cleveland Co, NC)

    1. William GIDNEY b abt 1835 (15-1850) GA.
    2. Jeremiah GIDNEY b abt 1838 (12-1850) SC.
    3. Eleazer GIDNEY b abt 1840 (10-1850 NC.

  6. * William R. RUNYAN b abt 1809 (1M 1F age 10-16 in 1820) (or this could be John (?).
  7. (daughter) RUNYAN b abt 1811 (? or is this Elizabeth who m John BOLEN?).
  8. * Eliza RUNYAN b abt 1815; m Jesse K. GIBBONS.
  9. * Reuben H. RUNYAN b Mar 1815; m 1st Margaret S. GIBBONS, m 2nd Lonza WHITE.
  10. * James M. RUNYAN b abt 1816 (34-1850); m Mary Eliza BEASON.
  11. * Furman RUNYAN b abt 1818 (43-1860); m Mary N. RIPPY.
  12. * Mary RUNYAN b abt 1820 (40- 1860); m 1st Aza ADAMS; m 2nd Lemich EDWARDS.

(Child #2 of Frances Harris and Jeremiah Runyan)

Frances Catherine Runyan was born about 1806 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. She married Thompson Blanton Hamrick. A family record of Thompson Blanton Hamrick, with wife Frances and children, was found in the IGI file at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was the son of Amiriah and Sarah Hamrick and was born January 1, 1802, in Cleveland County, North Carolina. His wife, Frances, had an approximate birthdate.

The family was living in Hall County, Georgia in 1830 with three daughters under age five years, and in DeKalb County, Georgia in 1840 with eight children. There were two daughters age "ten to fifteen" years, two age "five to ten years," and two daughters and two sons age "under five years." Frances was in the "thirty to forty" age bracket so was born between 1800 and 1810.

By 1850, the family was in Cobb County, Georgia. Frances was deceased, and Thompson, "Thomas B. Hamrick," had a new wife, Udoxy, age 37, born in South Carolina. Included in this census were ten children born before 1840, and three born after 1840. They were: Sarah Hamrich, 22 NC, Temperance Hamrick, 19 SC, James Hamrick, 17 GA, Narcissa Hamrick, 15 GA, Adaline Hamrick, 13 GA, Sarah Hamrick, 13 GA, Blanton Hamrick, 12 GA, Linna Hamrick, 11 SC, Jane Hamrick, 10 GA, Isaac Hamrick, 10 GA. The three children born after 1840 were: William, b 1845 (5-1850) GA; John, b 1847 (3-1850) GA; and Harvey, b 1849 (1-1850) GA. They seem to belong to Thompson and his new wife, Udoxy.

Daughters, Irene and "Turrissa Emma" were not included in this 1850 census record. Turrissa Emma is named only in the IGI record. If she is a daughter of first wife, Frances, she must have died before January 9, 1854. There were eight children indicated in the 1840 census, and only seven who were named as heirs of Jeremiah Runyan in the petition to the court made by their father. It appears that at least one and possibly two children must have died before January 9, 1854. The seven children known to belong to his first wife, Frances are: Sarah, Irene, and James R. Hamrick, who were "of age" in 1854 when they appointed their father guardian for them to receive their share of their grandfather's estate; also Narcissa, Adeline, Blanton and Jane Hamrick, who were minors over the age of fourteen at that time. Perhaps Thompson's second wife had children by a previous husband who were listed in the census with the surname Hamrick as though they were the children of Thompson Hamrick. (?)

Children listed in 1850 who could be children of his second wife, Udoxy, were Temperance, Sarah, age 13, (the same age as Adaline "Adalissa" Hamrick), Linna, age 11, and Isaac, age 10, (the same age as Jane Hamrick). Temperance and Linna were the only two children who were born in South Carolina. This may be significant since Udoxy was also born in South Carolina.

The person who placed the names of the children of Thompson and Frances Hamrich in the IGI file at the family History Library, included the name of Isaac Hamrick as one of their children. Exact birthdates were given for all the children except Isaac and Jane. The year of birth, 1840, was given for them. If Isaac is the son of Thompson and Frances, he must have died before 1854 since he wasn't mentioned in the estate record; however, if we don't count him as one of the two boys under age five years in 1840, then there is only one son in that age bracket. It's possible that Turrissa Emma could be a daughter of Frances Runyan Hamrick who died as an infant before 1840. As for the Sarah, age 13, it doesn't seem likely that Thompson had two daughters named Sarah! This leaves Sarah and Irene who could be the two females who were age ten to fifteen in 1840. Perhaps James was miscounted as a female with Narcissa to be the two females age five to ten, Adeline and Jane could be the two females under age five years, and Blanton and Isaac the two males under age five years.

On the internet, Ancestry World Tree Project: The name, Thompson Blanton Hamrick, Sr., was found with the same birthdate and place as given in the IGI file, but his parents names were given as James Hamrick II and Frances Blanton. He died December 23, 1874 in Walnut Valley, Sequatchee County, Tennessee. His wife's middle name came from that record: Frances Catherine Runyan. Two additional marriages were shown for him: Essa Udoxa Stone was his second wife, and Mary Ann Walker his third wife. The birthdate of his son, James R. Hamrick, was also from the "" source which also gave the name of his wife and son. I don't know if I could have found more information if I had been a member of ""

  1. Sarah HAMRICK b 19 Jan 1826 Rutherford (now Cleveland) Co, NC.
  2. Irene "Arrena" HAMRICK b 1 May 1828 NC; m John M. STANCIL

          Children: (1860 Cobb Co, GA; 1870 Fulton Co, GA)

    1. C. William STANCIL b abt 1854 (16-1870) GA.
    2. David STANCIL b abt 1856 (14-1870) GA.
    3. Savannah STANCIL b abt 1858 (12-1870) GA.
    4. George W. STANCIL b abt 1860 (10-1870) GA.
    5. Celia STANCIL b abt 1862 (8-1870) GA.

  3. ? Temperance b abt 1831 (19-1850) SC (probably a daughter of 2nd wife by a 1st husband).
  4. James R. HAMRICK b 24 Dec 1832 Gwinnette Co, GA, d 1864 Jonesboro, Clayton Co, GA; m Missouri Ann RAY (b 1843 Cobb Co, GA).


    1. William Newton HAMRICK b 7 Sep 1860 Gwinnett Co, GA.

  5. Elvira Narcissa HAMRICK b 14 Aug 1834.
  6. Adeline or Adlissa HAMRICK b 7 Jul 1836 Cobb Co, GA.
  7. ? Sarah b abt 1837 (13-1850) Cobb Co, GA, (probably a daughter of 2nd wife by a 1st husband)
  8. George Blanton HAMRICK b 15 Mar 1838 Cobb Co, GA.
  9. ? Linna HAMRICK b abt 1839 (11-1850) S. C. (probably a daughter of 2nd wife by a 1st husband).
  10. ? Turrissa Emma HAMRICK b 29 Aug 1839 Cobb, Co, GA. Could be a daughter of 1st wife, Frances, who died before 9 Jan 1854; but if she was alive in 1840 there would be three daughters who were in the "under age five" age bracket that year. Of course, the census could be in error.
  11. Jane HAMRICK b abt 1840 (10-1850) Cobb Co, GA.
  12. Isaac HAMRICK b abt 1840 (10-1850) Cobb Co, GA (may be a twin of Jane. If so he must have died before 9 Jan 1854. Or he may be a son of the 2nd wife by a 1st husband (?).

(Child #4 of Sarah Harris and Jeremiah Runyan)

Jeremiah R. Runyan was born about 1804 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. He married Tabitha Collins there on July 15, 1829. According to the Cleveland County, North Carolina 1850 census record, he was age forty-six, a blacksmith, and she was age forty and born in North Carolina. She died in January 1857, and he died in December 1860. They were both buried in the same cemetery as his father - Pine Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Children--born in Cleveland Co, NC:
  1. * William Adolphus or "A. D." RUNYON b Jan 1831; m Elizabeth "Betsy" .
  2. Evaline RUNYON b 2 Aug 1835 NC, d 8 Aug 1856, age 21y 6d, bur Pine Grove Cem.
  3. * Joseph P. RUNYON b abt 1838 (12-1850) NC; Unicy R. QUINN.
  4. Timothy Jeremiah RUNYON b abt 1840 (10-1850) NC, d 4 May 1887; served CSA.

(Child #1 of Jeremiah R. Runyan and Tabitha Collins)

William Adolphus or "A. D." Runyan was born in January 1831 Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. According to the Cleveland County, North Carolina 1900 census record, he was a blacksmith by trade. He married Elizabeth "Betsy" ____ who was born in November 1831 in South Carolina. However, her age was reported as age twenty-one years in 1850. He died on December 1, 1900 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. His will was probated December 6, 1900 in Cleveland County. In it, he names his wife, Elizabeth, and son, "J. D. Runyans;" also, "Ephraim Grady Runyans, Collins Runyans, and Jeff Runyans, Jr., sons of J. D. Runyans."

Children: (See Cleveland Co, NC 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 census records)
  1. Abel E. RUNYAN b Jul 1850 NC; m Ellen [b 1850 (30- 1880) NC].


    1. Libby RUNYAN b 1869 (11-1880) ("b Jun 1866 - 1900 NC. wid.")
      (Note: Libby and her children were listed with Abel E. Runyan in the 1900 census. The record indicates she was a widow, her relationship to Abel was daughter, and her children's relationship was "g-son or g-dau" but there were ditto marks for all their surnames.)


      1. Mamie b Aug 1889 NC.
      2. Jackson b May 1894 NC.
      3. Robert b Dec 1898 NC.

    2. Cora L. RUNYAN b 1871 (9-1880) NC.
    3. Anna RUNYAN b 1874 (6-1880) NC.
    4. Jacob RUNYAN b 1876 (4-1880) NC.
    5. Samuel RUNYAN b Aug 1879 NC; m Zula (b Dec 1877 NC).

  2. Mary Ann RUNYAN b 1852 (8-1860) NC; m Andrew HUSKEY.
  3. Martha Elrada RUNYAN b May 1853 (6-1860) NC; m 12 Feb 1874 Cleveland Co, NC, lbert M. GREEN (b Jan 1853 NC). In 1900 she was the mother of 3 children; three were living).
    (Note: he was age 19, and she age 20 when they married).


    1. Annie L. GREEN b Apr 1890 NC.

  4. Jane G. RUNYAN b 1856 (4-1860) NC; m 18 Dec 1878, Cleveland Co, NC, W. Thomas WHITE (b 1854, 26-1880, NC).
  5. Sylvester G. RUNYAN b 1858 (2-1860) NC.
  6. Jefferson D. RUNYAN b Aug 1861 NC; m 23 Dec 1879, Cleveland Co, NC, Hester Luceanny "Lou" WHITE (b Dec 1859) NC. In 1900 she had six children - five living.

          Children: (See Cleveland Co, NC 1900 Census)

    1. Willie (dau) RUNYAN b Jan 1884 NC.
    2. Ephraim Grady RUNYAN b May 1890 NC..
    3. Evern Collins RUNYAN b Nov 1892 NC.
    4. Jeff RUNYAN, Jr., b Jun 1897 NC.

  7. James RUNYAN b 1866 (4-1870) NC.

(Child #3 of Jeremiah R. Runyan and Tabitha Collins)

Joseph P. Runyan was born about 1838 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. He was age twelve in 1850. He married Unicy R. Quinn on February 19, 1861 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. She was born about 1843 (age 7-1850) in North Carolina. She was living with family of James and Sarah Roberts when the Cleveland County 1850 census was taken. In 1860, U. R. Quinn, age 17 was still living with the same family, and Joseph P. Runyan, age 21, was there as a farm laborer. The marriage record was for "J. P. Runyon and U. R. Quinn."

Mona A. Wamick in her book, Borders, Logan, Rippy, Crawford, Runyan, and Connections, explains that "Unicy was the daughter of Unicy & Martin QUINN, son of Jane ROBERTS and Hugh QUINN JR. Joseph P. RUNYAN died before 1870, and Unicy married a widower with a number of children, A. Glover WEATHERS, and had six children by him."

Child born in Cleveland Co, NC:
  1. * Joseph C. RUNYAN b Nov 1862; m Ellen L. FLOYD.

(Child #1 of Joseph P. Runyan and Unicy R. Quinn)

Joseph C. Runyan was born in November 1862 Cleveland County, North Carolina, according to the 1900 census of Cleveland County; however, he was recorded as age fourteen in 1880. Also when he married Ellen L. Floyd on November 22, 1883 in Cleveland County, his age was listed as twenty years, his father was dead and his mother's name was "Uncy." H. A. Weathers and A. G. Weathers were witnesses to this marriage. This is significant because Weathers is the surname of Joseph's stepfather. Ellen's father was also deceased, and her mother's name was given as "Dolly" Floyd. She was born in April 1865 in North Carolina. The 1900 Census record indicated that both her parents were born in North Carolina, and Ellen was the mother of eight children, seven were living.

Later, I obtained additional information from Mona A. Wamick in her book, Borders, Logan, Rippy, Crawford, Runyan, and Connections, in which she includes the birth and death dates for Ellen. She was born April 12, 1864 and died September 16, 1905. She was buried in "Beaverdam Baptist Church Cem, by her son George. Her tombstone reads 'Ellen Runyan wife of J. C. Runyan.'"

  1. Beveus Hall RUNYAN b 23 Sep 1884 NC, d 12 Dec 1934, bur Clear Springs Baptist Cem, Simpsonville, Greenville Co, SC; m 2nd Mrs. Louvenia (HARRIS) GOODNOUGH, d/o Rev. James Logan HARRIS and Sarah Jane SPANGLAR, (b 21 Sep 1876 TN, d 26 ... 1961, bur Greenville, SC).
  2. Mary E. RUNYAN b Aug 1886 NC.
  3. Joseph W. RUNYAN b Feb 1889 NC.
  4. Oscar L. RUNYAN b Aug 1893 NC.
  5. Fletcher F. RUNYAN b Dec 1895 NC.
  6. Anabell RUNYAN b Nov 1896 NC.
  7. Adolphus C. RUNYAN b Sep 1898 NC.
  8. George Ullan RUNYAN b 10 Mar 1905, d 11 Nov 1912, bur Beaverdam Baptist Church Cem, Cleveland Co, NC.

(Child #6 of Jeremiah Runyan and Sarah Harris)

William R. Runyan was either born about 1799 or about 1809 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. Jeremiah and Sarah (Harris) Runyan had a son born before the 1800 census was taken and one who was in the "ten to sixteen" age bracket in 1820. There were two sons who could possibly fit in these age brackets, William R. and John Runyan. It is uncertain which is the older and which is the younger.

William R. Runyan made a deed on August 15, 1843 in which he was "of Cleveland County, North Carolina." Then on June 9, 1852, he was "of the state of Georgia" when he sold land to his brother, James Runyan. According to a great granddaughter, he married Leanna Lively and, they had three children, then he died in about 1848. His widow then married Harmon Jenkins. They were living in Walker County, Georgia in 1850. Shortly after this, they moved to St. Clair County, Alabama, and lived in the Slasham community. In 1860, they were in Twp 14-15, and their post office was Ashville, St. Clair County, Alabama.

The great granddaughter, Pearl Runyans, (the family spelled the name with a final "s" added) said there were two girls and a boy who were children of William R. Runyan. The boy's name was Reuben. One of the girls was named Sarah, but she couldn't remember the other girl's name. Both girls went to Texas. However, only two children surnamed Runyan were included on the 1850 census record. They were Sarah Runyans, age 3, and Reuben W. Runyans, age 1 year.

According to the census record, Leanna's second husband, Harmon Jenkins, had a daughter, Roanne, who was the same age as Sarah. Perhaps she is the other "daughter" the great granddaughter is talking about. (?)

Children born in St. Clair Co, AL:
  1. Sarah RUNYAN b 1847 (3-1850) GA; went to Texas.
  2. Reuben W. RUNYAN b 1849 (1-1850) GA; m Bethena DAVIDSON (b 1856, 24-1880, AL). They lived in the Slasham community for a while then moved across a small mountain into Beaver Valley, about four or five miles from Ashville, St. Clair Co, AL.

          Children born in St. Clair Co, AL:

    1. John Wesley RUNYANS b 30 Sep 1874, d 1 Mar 1957; m Errelvious Caroline MOORE (d Mar 1945); both bur Ashville Cem, Ashville, St. Clair Co, AL. "They lived in Slasham moving to Beaver Valley in 1903 - still in St. Clair County. They had 2 boys and 3 girls." (Their oldest daughter, Pearl Runyans (now deceased), is the one who corresponded with Gordon Runion in 1983).
    2. Leanna RUNYANS b 1876 (4-1880).
    3. Viola RUNYANS b 1878 (2-1880).
    4. Sarah RUNYANS b 1880 (age 3mo-1880).

(Child # 8 of Jeremiah Runyan and Sarah Harris)

Eliza Runyan was born about 1815 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. Her tombstone shows she was age eighty-nine when she died on March 22, 1904. The year 1815 is also the year her brother, Reuben, was born unless a mistake was made in reporting his age to the census. Also her brother, James M. Runyan was born in 1816. It appears an error may have been made in determining the year of birth of some of the children, but it is not clear where.

Eliza married Jesse K. Gibbons, son of John K. Gibbons and Hannah J. Singletary. He was born about 1812 in South Carolina, and died on November 1, 1886, at age 74 years. Eliza died on March 22, 1904. They were both buried in Sulphur Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, in Patterson Springs, North Carolina. They reportedly had twelve children, but about half of them died young.

  1. Mary Jane GIBBONS b 27 Jan 1838, d 16 Apr 1915; m William G. WYLIE (b 1837 SC).
  2. William J. GIBBONS b 29 Sep 1839; served CSA Co, F, 34 Regt.
  3. John Monroe GIBBONS b 31 Aug 1840, d 2 Apr 1844.
  4. Pinkney GIBBONS b 1843.
  5. Cornelius Crowder GIBBONS b 6 Mar 1845, wounded in CW, d 2 Jan 1866, age 20y 9m 25d, Co F. 34 Regt. CSA; bur New Hope Cem, Earl, Cleveland Co, NC.
  6. Hannah E. GIBBONS b 8 Jul 1847, d 1930; m 17 Dec 1874, Cleveland Co, NC, William M. RIPPY, s/o James RIPPY, (b 1854); both bur Sulpher Springs Methodist Church Cem, Patterson Springs, Cleveland Co, NC.
  7. * Perry Mills GIBBONS b 8 Mar 1848; m Paretlulyses TURNER.

(Child #7 of Eliza Runyan and Jesse K. Gibbons)

Perry Mills Gibbons was born March 8, 1848 in Earl, Cleveland County, North Carolina, and died July 7, 1903. He married Paretlulyses Turner, daughter of Ross B. Turner, in Cleveland County, North Carolina on November 21, 1871. She was born September 25, 1848. She died April 24, 1874, and was buried in Buffalo Baptist Church Cemetery. Tessa Dover, daughter of John Dover and Dorinda Louisa Wisonant, was his second wife, and Bernice Mentz, his third.

Child by 1st wife:
  1. William Pinkney GIBBONS b 1873; m Susan BORDERS, d/o Capt. John BORDERS (b 1876).
Children by 2nd wife:
  1. Corinda GIBBONS b 12 Oct 1877; m Charley WRIGHT.
  2. John J. GIBBONS b 1 Nov 1882, d 16 May 1942; m Madge Essling BETHUNE.
  3. Jesse K. GIBBONS b 1886; m Miss BORDERS.
  4. Pearly Jane GIBBONS b 3 Dec 1886; m Miller BLAKE; after death of his wife, Miller Blake m 2nd Madge Essling BETHUNE, widow of John J. GIBBONS.

Child #9 of Sarah Harris and Jeremiah Runyan)

Reuben H. Runyan was born in March probably in 1815 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. His birth month was reported as March in the 1900 census of Cleveland County, but the year given was in question because he grew younger each ten years after 1860. He was age thirty-five in 1850, age forty-five in 1860, fifty-four in 1870, sixty-three in 1880, and eighty-one "b March 1819" in 1900. It seems logical that Reuben was born in 1815, but it also seems very likely that his sister, Eliza, was born that year. Were they twins? The five youngest children of Jeremiah Runyan were born so close together that it makes it difficult to determine the correct order of birth for them.

Reuben married Margaret S. Gibbons, daughter of John K. Gibbons and Hannah J. Singletary, on September 3, 1835 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. She was born about 1813 in South Carolina. (She was age thirty-seven in 1850). Reuben died April 24, 1906 near Earl, Cleveland County, North Carolina. His will was dated February 15, 1906, and probated on May 3, 1906 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. They were both buried in their family cemetery about a quarter mile southeast of Patterson Springs and two miles north of Earl in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Gordon Runion of Inman, South Carolina, wrote the following in a letter dated in March 2002, "I saw the old home cemetery in 1962 out in a field. Later (1971), a textile company from England put up a factory near there. They moved their remains to nearby New Hope Baptist Church Cemetery."

Children born in Cleveland Co, NC:
  1. * James Madison RUNYAN b 25 Aug 1836; m Margaret Lucretia RANDALL.
  2. Elizabeth RUNYAN b 21 Mar 1837.
  3. Jacob RUNYAN b 19 Sep 1840, d 10 Oct 1874.
  4. Lenora RUNYAN b 28 Oct 1842, d 1910.
  5. Didema RUNYAN b 10 Sep 1844.
  6. John Settith RUNYAN b 30 Jan 1848, d 20 Nov 1880, bur New Hope Cem, Earl, Cleveland Co, NC; m 26 Dec 1872 Sarah Cordelia TURNER d/o Elijah and Lucinda TURNER, (b 1852 (18- 1850) NC,
  7. * Joseph Monroe RUNYAN b 14 Feb 1850; m Alice FULTON.
  8. * Eliza Jane RUNYAN b 24 Nov 1852; m John Henderson RIPPY.
  9. * Jesse Craig RUNYAN b 15 Jun 1855; m Rachel McSWAIN.
  10. Buchanan RUNYAN b 1858.

(Child # 1 of Reuben H. Runyan and Margaret S. Gibbons)

James Madison Runyan was born August 25, 1836 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He married Margaret Lucretia Randall on January 12, 1859 in Cleveland County. She was born about 1831 in North Carolina. He served in Company D, 55th NC Regiment CSA during the Civil War, and died July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His widow married Silas Dixon Randall on December 5, 1878, in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He had been captain of the regiment in which James M. Runyan served. Silas D. Randall was captured at Gettysburg and imprisoned until the end of the war. He was born about 1831 in North Carolina. Data were found in the 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 Cleveland County, North Carolina census records to complete this family.

  1. Hester M. RUNYON b Dec 1859 NC; m 9 Aug 1874 Cleveland Co, NC, James B. BYERS (b 26 Jul 1852 NC, d 5 Apr 1899, bur Sulpher Springs Methodist Church cem, nr Patterson Springs, Cleveland Co, NC).


    1. Daro P. BYERS b May 1875 NC.
    2. David E. BYERS b Dec 1876 NC.
    3. Margaret E. BYERS b Nov 1878 NC; m 5 Dec 1895 Cleveland Co, NC, Jacob W. ELLIOTT (b Aug 1877 NC).

            Children: (1900 Census Cleveland Co, NC)

      1. Mary H. ELLIOTT b Oct 1896 NC.
      2. James E. ELLIOTT b Jun 1899 NC.

    4. John W. BYERS b Dec 1880 NC.
    5. Dottie BYERS b Feb 1883 NC.
    6. Jesse E. BYERS b May 1887 NC.
    7. Hackett BYERS b Mar 1889 NC.
    8. James Fred BYERS b 4 Mar 1892; m Clara Blanche BORDERS (b 10 May 1896 NC, d 20 Jan 1977, bur Sulphur Springs Methodist Church Cem, nr Patterson Springs, Cleveland Co, NC. They had five children.

  2. Martha C. RUNYAN b 1862 (8-1870) NC; m 10 Mar 1881 D. M. HOPPER.

(Child #7 of Reuben H. Runyan and Margaret S. Gibbons)

Joseph Monroe Runyan was born February 14, 1850 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He married Alice Fulton who was born February 23, 1856 in South Carolina. Her mother, Stacy Fulton, was living in the same household with them when the 1900 census was taken. She was born in February, 1830 in South Carolina. Joseph died July 29, 1927, and Alice died on April 16, 1932. They were both buried in New Hope Cemetery, Earl, Cleveland County, North Carolina. See 1880 and 1900 Cleveland Co, NC, census records.

Children born Cleveland Co, NC:
  1. Dorthula RUNYAN b Nov 1876; m 21 Sep 1872 Cleveland Co, NC, George R. RANDALL (b Sep 1871 NC).

          Children born in Cleveland Co, NC:

    1. Ralph B. RANDALL b Oct 1893.
    2. Helen J. RANDALL b Dec 1895.
    3. Jessie RANDALL b Mar 1898.
    4. Lena RANDALL b Feb 1900.

  2. Lila RUNYAN b 1878 (2-1880), d 1896, bur New Hope Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC.
  3. Herbert RUNYAN b Jul 1880, d 1902, bur New Hope Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC.
  4. Clyde RUNYAN (female) b 5 Apr 1883, d 10 Aug 1965; m 3 Jan 1905 Cleveland Co, NC, John Abel EARL, s/o William Davis EARL and Nancy Demmy FRANCIS, (b 5 Dec 1885, d 25 Feb 1971, both bur New Hope Baptist Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC).
  5. Riby RUNYAN b Oct 1885, d 1967, bur New Hope Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC.
  6. Darcus RUNYAN b Sep 1887.
  7. (infant) RUNYAN b 1890, bur New Hope Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC.
  8. (infant) RUNYAN b 1892, bur New Hope Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC.
  9. Purvis RUNYAN b Mar 1895.

(Child #8 of Reuben H. Runyan and Margaret S. Gibbons)

Eliza Jane Runyan was born November 24, 1852, and died July 22, 1928 at Earl, Cleveland County, North Carolina. She married John Henderson Rippy, son of William Rippy and Mary Newell Crawford, on February 14, 1875 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He was born on June 4, 1852 in North Carolina, and died September 26, 1918 at Earl, North Carolina. They were both buried in New Hope Baptist Cemetery, Earl, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Children born Cleveland Co, NC:
  1. Elizabeth M. "Lizzie" RIPPY b 30 Oct 1875, d 3 Nov 1903, bur New Hope Baptist Church Cem, Earl, Cleveland Co, NC; m 21 Nov 1902 Cleveland Co, NC, John Logan BORDERS, s/o T. Glean BORDERS and Susan Martha LOGAN, (b 29 Apr 1868 nr Shelby, Cleveland Co, NC).
  2. Mattie Rebecca RIPPY b 7 Oct 1879, d Oct 1960 Cleveland Co, NC; m 10 Aug 1904, Cleveland Co, NC, David John MOSS, s/o Rufus A. MOSS and Wilbourn F. MOORE, (b 22 Aug 1874 NC, d 28 Nov 1936); both bur Buffalo Baptist Church Cem, Cleveland Co, NC.

(Child #9 of Reuben H. Runyan and Margaret S. Gibbons)

Jesse Craig Runyan was born June 15, 1855 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He married Rachel McSwain, daughter of Berry Hicks McSwain and Mary "Polly" Rippy. She was born on May 8, 1858 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. Jesse Craig Runyan died on August 5, 1905. His will was probated on August 19, 1905 in Cleveland County in which he names his wife, "Rachel M. Runyans," and also his youngest son "Seth Jesse Runyans," who was under age twenty-one. His widow, Rachel, died on August 28, 1942. They were both buried in New Hope Baptist Cemetery, Earl, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

  1. Minda R. RUNYAN b 1 Aug 1880 NC, d 1924, bur New Hope Baptist Church Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC; m John Logan RORDERS, as his 2nd wife. He m 1st Elizabeth M. RIPPY, d/o John Henderson RIPPY and Eliza J. RUNYAN5, (Reuben H.4, Sarah Harris3, John2, Isaac1) (b 30 Oct 1875 Cleveland Co, NC, d 3 Nov 1903).
  2. Egly B. RUNYAN (dau) b Jan 1882 NC.
  3. Chosie Ella "Lell" RUNYAN b 11 Jul 1883 NC, d 6 May 1959; m Reuben BLANTON, s/o Aaron BLANTON, (b 9 May 1876, d 5 Jan 1942).
  4. Carrie RUNYAN b Jul 1885 NC; m 4 Nov 1906, Cleveland Co, NC, Mike SEPAUGH.
  5. Montgomery J. "Bun" RUNYAN b Oct 1886 NC, d 1927; m Mrs. Mamie (SEPAUGH) RIPPY (1889-1979); both bur New Hope Baptist Church Cem, Clyde, Cleveland Co, NC.
  6. Giles RUNYAN b Mar 1890 NC.
  7. Seth Jesse RUNYAN b Aug 1896 NC; m Eva GRIFFIN, d/o William Meak GRIFFIN and Daisey McSWAIN, (b 5 Aug 1901).

(Child #10 of Sarah Harris and Jeremiah Runyan)

James M. Runyan was born about 1816 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He was age thirty-four in 1850, and age forty-five in 1860, according to the Cleveland County, North Carolina Census records for those years. He married Mary Eliza Beason, daughter of Joseph Beason. She was born about 1830 in North Carolina, and died in 1907. She was age twenty in 1850. In 1870, the family was living nr New Prospect, Spartenburg County, four miles from Campobello, South Carolina. In 1880, they were in Greenville County, South Carolina, near Lima Church on North Saluda River. James died in 1894 and was buried in old Couch-Pannell Cemetery, Greenville County, South Carolina. Some of their children spelled their surname "Runion." (See 1850 and 1860 Cleveland County, North Carolina, census records).

Children -- born in Cleveland Co, NC:
  1. Sarah A. "Sally" RUNYAN b 16 Apr 1847, d 10 Feb 1907; m 4 Feb 1861 Cleveland Co, NC, John A. BAKER (b 1845, 25-1870, VA).

          Children: (See 1870 Spartenburg Co, SC, 1880 Greenville Co, SC censuses)

    1. Ester "Hester" BAKER b Feb 1870 SC
    2. William A. BAKER b 1874 (6-1880) SC
    3. Dartha E. BAKER b 1877 (3-1880) SC

  2. Anna Caroline RUNYAN b 10 June 1848.
  3. Victoria RUNYAN b 28 Oct 1852; m Nathaniel A. MEDLIN, no children.
  4. * Giles Elam RUNYAN (RUNION) b 21 June 1857; m Martha C. JOHNSON.
  5. Eliza Jane RUNYAN b 1860; m Draken MEDLIN.

(Child #4 of James M. Runyan and Mary E. Beason)

Giles Elam "Bud" Runion was born June 21, 1867 in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and died in 1932. He married Martha C. Johnson, daughter of Loderick Jeppeson Johnson (1823-1911) and Angeline Mazie Waddell (1826-1916). She was born October 21, 1859 in Spartenburg County, South Carolina, and died in 1929. Giles then married Anna Pitman. They had no children. Giles and Martha both died in Greer, Greenville County, North Carolina, and were buried in Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery there.

Children -- born in Greenville Co, NC:
  1. James Esley RUNION b 14 Dec 1881, d Jan 1971; m 8 Oct 1905 Lyda TAYLOR.
  2. Loderick Jefferson RUNION b 23 Oct 1883 d 4 Feb 1930 Bessie HIGHTOWER.
  3. Henry Earl RUNION b 10 Nov 1885, d 4 Nov 1963; m 10 Nov 1907 Jessie Alma GREEN.
  4. Flora H. RUNION b 4 Mar 1887; m Larkin DILL.
  5. Lula Bertha RUNION b 2 Oct 1890; m Arthur JOLLEY.
  6. Benjamin Tilman RUNION b 12 Aug 1892; m Minnie TURNER.
  7. Elta RUNION b 1894; m Brown HARDEN.
  8. Jeremiah John RUNION b 21 Dec 1895; m Alice CROMPTON.
  9. Cora Reid RUNION b 26 Feb 1896, d Mar 1967; m John Howard YOUNG.
  10. Belton Wardus RUNION b 25 Jan 1898; m Daisey HARDEN.
  11. Giles Broadus RUNION b 3 Jun 1901; m Belle COLLINS.

(Child #12 of Sarah Harris and Jeremiah Runyan)

Furman Runyan was born about 1818 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He was age age forty-three in 1860 according to the Cobb County, Georgia census. He married Mary M. Rippy. They moved to Cobb County, Georgia in about 1851. He died April 24, 1897 at age eighty. She died on February 5, 1889 at age sixty-seven; both were buried at Maloney Springs Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia.

  1. Narcissa RUNYAN b 1838 (12-1850) Cleveland Co, NC.
  2. Emilissa RUNYAN b 1841 (9-1850) Cleveland Co, NC.
  3. Mary RUNYAN b 1843 (7-1850) Cleveland Co, NC.
  4. * Isaac Pinkney RUNYAN b 29 Dec 1845; m Amamda V. KIRK.

    [[[Is the name Amamda or Amanda??? -- See heading on hotlinked reference--disagrees with this one, and with spelling in body of referenced paragraph]]]

  5. Louisa J. RUNYAN b 1848 (2-1850) Cleveland Co, NC; m 19 Oct 1865 Cobb Co, GA, Evan J. LOVELESS (b 1842, 28-1870, GA).


    1. Samuel LOVELESS b 1867 (3-1870) Cobb Co, GA
    2. Annie C. LOVELESS b 1869 (1-1870) Cobb Co, GA

  6. * Robert H. RUNYAN b 1852 (8- 1860); m 1st Emma C. GARMAN; m 2nd Jannie J. SEAY.
  7. Martha A. RUNYAN b 1854 (6-1860) Cobb Co, GA; 27 Oct 1872, Cobb Co, GA, John M. HALE (b 1854, 26-1880, GA)

          Children: (1880 Marion Co, GA)

    1. Lilla HALE b 1876 (4-1880) GA
    2. Alexander HALE b 1878 (2-1880) GA

  8. Alice RUNYAN b 1856 (4-1860) Cobb Co, GA.
  9. John A. RUNYAN b Jan 1859 Cobb Co, GA; m 27 Dec 1883, Cobb Co, GA, Mollie E. CONGER (b Apr 1869 GA). In 1900 she was the mother of five children, two of them died before 1900)

          Children born in Cobb Co, GA:

    1. Ola J. RUNYAN b 11 Jun 1886, d 3 Nov 1902
    2. Minnie L. RUNYAN b Jan 1889
    3. John H. RUNYAN b Jan 1899

  10. (Dr.) Furman W. RUNYAN b 1 Apr 1864 Cobb Co, GA, d 12 Aug 1903, bur Rose Hill Cem, Cobb Co, GA; m Laura JEWELL.

(Child #4 of Furman Runyan and Mary N. Rippy)

Isaac Pinkney Runyan was born December 29, 1845 in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and died on January 10, 1920. He married Amamda V. Kirk on November 16, 1865 in Cobb County, Georgia. She was born April 7, 1847 in Georgia, and died October 20, 1929. Her husband preceded her in death on January 10, 1920. They were both buried in New Salem Baptist Church cemetery in Cobb County, Georgia.

Children -- born in Cobb Co, GA:
  1. Ida O. RUNYAN b 1869 (11-1880); m 26 Dec 1893, Cobb Co, GA, Harry ANNANDALE.
  2. Edward C. RUNYAN b 14 Jul 1872, d 2 Jul 1943; m Mary BARKER, d/o Andrew and Henrietta BARKER, (b 18 Aug 1878, d 9 Feb 1951); both bur Citizens Cem, Cobb Co, GA.
  3. Isaac A. RUNYAN b 1873 (7-1880).
  4. Agnes V. RUNYAN b Jun 1876; m 28 Dec 1902 H. F. NEWTON.
  5. David Gober RUNYAN b May 1880.
  6. Charles Pinkney RUNYAN, Sr., b 31 Jul 1884, d 5 May 1965; m Mary C. (b 14 Feb 1889, d 28 Jul 1941); both bur Mountain View Park Cem, Cobb Co, GA.
  7. George RUNYAN b Feb 1888.

(Child #6 of Furman Runyan and Mary M. Rippy)

Robert H. Runyan was born in April 1851 in Cleveland County, North Carolina. He married his first wife, Emma C. Garman, on April 27 1871 in Cobb County, Georgia. She was born October 30 1847; died July 1, 1944, and was buried in New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery in Cobb County, Georgia. They must have divorced because he married his second wife, Jennie J. Seay on June 3, 1883 in Cobb County, Georgia. Jennie was born in May 1868 in Georgia.

Children by 1st wife were born in Cobb Co, GA:

  1. Lennie J. (male) RUNYAN b Jan 1873.
  2. Mary E. RUNYAN b Apr 1881.
  3. Ceton C. RUNYAN b Jun 1882.

Children by 2nd wife were born in Cobb Co, GA:

  1. John A. RUNYAN b Mar 1885.
  2. Adie L. (female) RUNYAN b Oct 1886.
  3. Elmer RUNYAN b Mar 1890.
  4. Oscar RUNYAN b Apr 1892.
  5. Ethel S. RUNYAN b Jul 1894.
  6. Samuel RUNYAN b Aug 1897.
  7. Hurbert RUNYAN b Mar 1899.

Child #12 of Sarah Harris and Jeremiah Runyan)

Mary Runyan was born in about 1820 in Rutherford (now Cleveland) County, North Carolina. She was married twice. She married her first husband Aza Adams, on August 18, 1833 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Her second husband was Lemich Edwards. Lemich Edwards and his first wife were living in Jefferson County, Alabama in 1830, then in Choctaw County, Mississippi in 1840, but he was not found in 1850. I did not know when Mary's first husband died or when she married Lemich Edwards, but by 1860, they were married and living in Choctaw County, Mississippi. The 1860 census of that county listed her age as forty. Lemich Edwards was a farmer, age sixty-eight years, and born in South Carolina. A daughter by Mary's first husband was included in the family, and two children born after 1850 who are probably the children of Mary and Lemich Edwards. Susan Adams, age sixteen, was the only child surnamed Adams included in the family. It seemed logical to assume that she may be the youngest child by Mary's first husband, and that her husband may have died after Susan's birth but before 1850.

I was not able to find Aza Adams in the 1830-1850 census records. Nor did I find a listing for a Mary Adams in 1850. There were four men named Asa Adams who were listed as heads of families in 1840 census records. There was one in Pickins County, Alabama and one in Anderson County, South Carolina who were both too old, and another in Montgomery County, Georgia who was still alive in 1860. The fourth Asa Adams was living in Richmond County, Georgia in 1840, but was not there in 1850. He could possibly be our man, but it is only a remote possibility. This Asa and his wife were both in the "thirty to forty" age bracket; they had a daughter age "ten to fifteen," a son age "five to ten," and a son and daughter under the age of five years. If he is the one who married Mary Runyan, one wonders how she met Lemich Edwards and ended up in Choctaw County, Mississippi.

There may have been other children of Mary's first marriage who were married or on their own before 1860.

Child by first husband:

  1. Susan ADAMS b abt 1844 (16-1860) MS

Children by second husband:

  1. William EDWARDS b 1852 (8-1860) MS
  2. Joseph M. EDWARDS b 1854 (6-1860) MS

1880 Cleveland County, NC p 490 Family # 143
1900 Cleveland Co, NC census p 24 ED 50 sheet 1 Family # 1:

Charles Churnwell Runyon was born Mar 1858 (42-1900)in North Carolina. The 1900 census also indicates that his father was born in North Carolina and his mother in South Carolina. His wife, Sarah Jane ____, was born in Jan 1863 (37-1900). Her parents were both born in North Carolina. The 1900 census said they had been married for 22 years; therefore married in 1878.

Children: (1880 and 1900 Cleveland Co, NC)

  1. Jeremiah RUNYON b Jun 1879 (1-1880, 20-1900) NC
  2. Effy L. RUNYON b Jun 1882 (17-1900) NC.
  3. Hester C. RUNYON b Jan 1885 (15-1900) NC.
  4. Nannie RUNYON b Sep 1891 (8-1900) NC.

(Child #7 of Sarah Harris and Jeremiah Runion)

Judah "Judy" Harris was born about 1798 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. She married Robert Russ who was born about 1800, in North Carolina. He was age sixty when the 1860 census of Cleveland County, North Carolina was taken. (Note: Cleveland County was formed in 1841 from Rutherford and Lincoln Counties. See 1850 and 1860 Cleveland Co, NC, Census records).

  1. Lucinda RUSS b abt 1815 (35-1850) Rutherford Co, NC
  2. Sumenly "Summy" RUSS (male) b abt 1820 (30-1850) Rutherford Co, NC; m Elizabeth (b 1825, 35-1860, SC)
  3. Andrew RUSS b abt 1829 (21-1850) Rutherford Co, NC; m Susan b 1823 (27-1860) NC

          Children: (See Cleveland Co, NC, 1860 census)

    1. John M. RUSS b 1845 (15-1860) NC
    2. Calhoun RUSS b 1847 (13-1860) NC
    3. Jane RUSS b 1853 (7-1860) NC
    4. Van B. RUSS b 1858 (2-1860) NC

  4. Ransour RUSS b abt 1830 (20-1850) Rutherford Co, NC; m Irena "Anna" (b 1837 33-1870 NC). Also listed in 1870, but not in 1860 was Sarah Russ age 15 b NC, and Cyrus Russ age 10 months b August in NC.

          Children: (1860 census Cleveland Co, NC)

    1. Henrietta RUSS b abt 1854 (6-1860) NC
    2. Emeletta RUSS b abt 1857 (3-1860) NC
    3. Edward RUSS b abt 1860 (10-1870) NC
    4. Londrum RUSS b abt 1863 (9-1870) NC

  5. Susannah RUSS b abt 1832 (18-1850) Rutherford Co, NC.
  6. Frances RUSS (female) b abt 1838 (12-1850) Rutherford Co,
  7. John RUSS b abt 1845 (5-1850) Rutherford Co, NC.
  8. Alfred RUSS b abt 1847 (3-1850) Rutherford Co, NC.

# # #

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