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KC8YOH Shack Build

Here are some pics of the build. Enjoy!

A special thanks goes out to Marc for all his hard work on this.

Here is a shot of the empty space.
Here is the bottom shelf. The wide part on the right is for the power supply.

Here is the power supply shelf. Note the outlet that was installed. Now I can plug everything in without running cables outside the shack.

Now the desktop and top shelves are installed. Note the outlet that was installed in the desktop. This works GREAT for plugging in chargers and such.

Here I installed a power strip to plug in the laptop and power supply.

Wow!! Now the shack is setup and ready for use. All the holes are drilled to run cables and such. Now I just have a few finishing touches like the edging and a light.

The last shot is with some of those finishing touches. Notice the edging is on the desktop and the light is installed. I am sure things will keep changing, but for now it is complete. Now to get that 6M antenna installed so I can play on another band!!