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What is a Ham

Websters defines a "HAM" as a government licensed operator of an amateur radio station. First of all the F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission) doesn't care if you are a U.S. Citizen or not or even how old you are. You will recieve a license if you pass the proper tests for the operation you are applying for.

"A Ham"
1. Is considerate and responsible when operating that station.
2. Promotes the hobby through his/her activity.
3. Elmers Newer Hams
4. Volunteers and serves the public during disasters and emergencies.
5. Volunteers in Non-Emergency events such as net controllers, traffic handling through traffic nets.
6. Participates as communicators in civic events such as parades, walkathons, triathlons, cycle tours and others.
7. Keeps personal radio gear in operating condition.
8. Helps other "Hams" with equipment installations and problem solving.
9. Takes pride with his/her accomplishments in the hobby to enrich themsevles in technical and operational skills and shares these skills with fellow amateurs.
10. Remembers that it is just a hobby and the hobby should not conflict with duties towards family or community.
11. Never accepts payment for services rendered.

Hams have experimented with different electronic circuits and have contributed significantly toward inventions and hold patents for iteams that the public enjoys today!