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Fitness for Philmont

Philmont is physically, emotionally, and maybe even spirtitually
demanding. Scouts need to be equipped in all three of the above
qualities, or Philmont will not be as enjoyable for you as it should be.
Due to the incline in altitude, your body is taking in less amounts of oxygen,
which will tire your muscles much faster. This, and the fact that you will be carrying a
pack around 45 pounds on your back, is the main reason why you need to
start fitness training months before we depart. You need to have at least 3 short
training sessions per week, and one full scale workout.

Trudging through extreme weather conditions such as intense heat, cold, wet rain,
cubes of hail, and biting winds can certainly bring down your mood level; not to mention
being dead tired after hiking a 15 mile, 45 incline of rock and tree, taking a 6 mile detour,
and enduring a serious contrast in the amount and kind of food you are eating as
opposed to one week ago. One also has to be emotionally fit to
appreciate Philmont to its full extent. Crews have to learn to get along
and work together under these types of conditions, or the whole trek will be a big
waste of time and money. When a scout is on the trail, he puts
aside the differences he and a crewmember may have and tries to
comprimise and work with him, because he
knows that if he doesn't, he will ruin it for everyone. As weird as this may sound:
practice getting along with someone you do not like, because you
may need that skill desperatley on the trail.

It is also important that you keep a close relationship with God. Only because
of him can we enjoy the vast beauty of Philmont. This also means that you
should have a bright outlook on everything at Philmont and keep a positive
attitude about every situation. Also, being spiritually fit will help you stay
emotionally stable, which is very important too.

Many scouts training to for Philmont only concentrate on physical
fitness(and some don't even do that). It is imperitive that you balance
your workout, so that you may be all-around ready to face the hardships
at the Scout Ranch, which will in turn improve your, and everyone elses,
enjoyment there.

Here is a one month sample workout. You can alter it if you like, or make
your own schedule, but try to follow your workout as best as possible.

Click Here

This is an excellent page that provides good reccomendations for
weight, diet, and excercise. It also gives an example workout to train for Philmont.

Click Here

To work out your emotional strength, challenge yourself everyday to do/not do
something everyday. Ex.- today I am not going to say one bad thing about
that really annoying girl Nancy(that includes laughing at jokes about her), or
something like: I am not going to say one negative thing
today, even though we are having that stupid assembly.
It sounds really dorky, but soon you will be able to control
yourself in the worst of situations.


Here is a bible reading schedule put together by Crew 369 of Simon Kenton Council
that I highly recommend. Print it out and put it on your wall or beside your bed.
I will post them 2 months at a time.

March | April


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This page is more for an Advisor than a crew member, but it provides a good point-of-view
and gives you a basic idea of what you will need to know from someone who
has been-there-and-done-that.

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The following page is based on a piece from a Philmont Advisor's Guide
on camp setup, and contains a good overview of how things should be set up and who
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