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Welcome to The Bay Area Academy in La Porte, Texas

Thank you for visiting our site.
We have created this site for a description, of our Bay Area Academy. Its' services and its' purpose. The Bay Area Academy started school classes at the Light of Christ Lutheran Church, August 19th, 2002.
The Bay Area Academy School Calendar is mid-August throught the end of May. A copy of the calendar comes with the registration packet.
The additon of this school means changes for all of us, so please be sensitive to it's creation.
For those of you who attend or participate in our daily church activities,we ask of you, please, to please keep the noise down during classes.

Please stop by, inquiry about our academy, and meet the staff and children of the academy.

For detail description of our services and what our academy is all about, please call or email us.
Director: Email Click
Church: Email Click Church

Welcome to the Bay Area Academy Welcome to the Bay Area  Academy
Welcome to the Bay Area  Academy

Profits to fund new church building plans & expansions
Food Pantry Expansion
Thank You for your support!

The little church with a big heart.

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