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Kao-Ani's are little animated faces that are tres Japanese.

Musical Kao-Ani's

This is why CP is not allowed to have a magic wand...

Petting Zoo!!!

I think this hampster has it's eye's being popped out of it's skull and come one that's funny!


Random Kao-Ani's that remind me of CP and CS!!

Because it's funny when CS gets hurt.

"Sorry I think you lost me around 'AND THEN INU-YASHA SAYS!!'"~CP

"CP is a brat.. -.-" ~CS "I AM NOT, NOW GO FIX THE HTML THAT I RUINED!!!" ~CP

I am a super-hero!


Look CP is happy!

Why we aren't allowed to do yard work anymore!!

CP talking about her boyfriend...AGAIN!

CP being highly productive again.

" I'm not high matenaince,NOW GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH" ~CP

::tear:: It's ok I didn't hurt Link he's INVINCIBLE!!!



CP getting CS into trouble..

Needs no explaination.

CP being the most ADD person in the entire universe.

Random Anime Kao-Ani's

Maho Tsukai Tai

Sailor Moon!!