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Calallen High School BEST

For many years, Calallen High School has had many students come and go. Each year, students have put their abilities to the test by participating in extracurricular activities, in addition to their studies.

However, not in any of these years has the high school had an organization that builds robots to compete against other schools.

The year of 2002 is the first year that Calallen High School will be participating in such an event, the 2002 San Antonio BEST Robotics Competition.




Eric Anderson
Jeremy Boucher
Jeremy Kincaid
Kimberly Paul
Jeremy Stanton
Brandon Wilson


Herschiel Tuley
Marion McKim
Lyodina Elliot


"This is our first year in this event. Everyone in the group is very excited about building the robot and participating in the competition. The hardest parts were getting started, experimenting with our ideas and seeing if they would work. We are confident that all will go well. If we don't win this year at the competition, we won't walk away empty handed. We will have learned more about the competition and from our mistakes and other's mistakes, and we will use this fresh knowledge for next year's competition. We are fairly confident that we will do a great job."


We don't want to give away too much information before the competition, but we will give a summary of the steps in sequence. The first step we accomplished was getting the electrical equipment, such as the wires, servos, and engines, to work. After that, we created a base in which to put the electrical equipment. Then, we made wheels. We then put the electrical equipment into the base and placed the wheels on. We test-drove our robot. It was working rather well. We knew in the beginning that we were going to need arms but did not know exactly what type of design we would use. After careful consideration of many different ideas, the group finally came up with an answer. The arms were then created and added to our robot. Finally, we touched up on our robot. One last step to finishing J3 - test drive.

We also have pictures. The pictures include snapshots that we have taken at the Kick-Off, our robot, our group working on the robot, and our group posing for the camera.

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