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BrockettStats International

BrockettStats International Research BSIR is a small business with a vision of accuracy and mission to save you time and increase your grant revenue. BSIR team researcher-grant writers specialize in public-sector grant applications or gathering preliminary data for you. BrockettStats professionals have decades of experience in composing and expediting grant submission and approval for public entities and non-profits.

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grant writing grant review supplemental research data gathering
cross comparisons sector grants tips on submission information on deadlines

Extra data on a well-formatted grant request regularly increases government grants by tens of thousand of dollars, and speeds payment. Expert consultants will earn you grant money, and save time.

Primary Contact:
Elizabeth Anne Brockett PhD.
a. Graduate of University of Texas, Austin
b. 14 years of experience in criminal justice planning
c. public policy planning, Texas Department of Criminal Justice
d. grant review for several public agencies
e. grant administration
f. grant writing
g. data gathering and analysis for numerous projects and publications for the State of Texas
h. college professor

Research Specialist: Andrea Menzies
B.A. Loyola University, History and Communications
a. journalism and publications expertise
b. data gathering and analysis for recent projects
c. public-sector experience in Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Office of Attorney General

Brockett_Stats_E-mail For more information, send e-mail.

Or mail inquiries to:
P.O. box 684132
Austin, Texas 78768