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Chronicle of Time
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Chronicle of Time

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"The end of all our explorations will be to come back to where we began and discover the place for the first time." -T.S. Eliot

The History of Time

The History of Time. An oxymoron? Contradictory to the belief that time never existed and that it was invented, time itself is an entity of measurement and influence. Describing the history of time is like trying to answer the question of "Why do good people finish last?" , the solution to the problem will keep you guessing and guessing.

Time is like a puzzle wrapped up in a cryptogram and boxed up in an enigma. This is probably why this quality of description has made some of us very excited on learning this strange subject.

Here's a quick reference look-up on a definition of time:

Time, period during which an action or event occurs; also, a dimension representing a succession of such actions or events. Time is one of the fundamental quantities of the physical world, being similar to length and mass in this respect. Three methods of measuring time are in use at present. The first two methods are based on the daily rotation of the earth on its axis. These methods are determined by the apparent motion of the sun in the sky (solar time) and by the apparent motion of the stars in the sky (sidereal time). The third method of measuring time is based on the revolution of the earth around the sun (ephemeris time).

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