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Kingdom of the Burning Lands

This is the new Address/Page for the Burning Lands Page. This page is Forgoing Major Construction.

  • Monarch of the Burning Lands: Squire Lady Verana Windstar
  • Regent: Baron Squire Wovoka
  • Champion: Kurse
  • Regent's Defender: Grand Duke Sir Rapheal Nuttingham
  • Prime Minister: Earl Flagg Silverburn
  • Captain of the Guard: Grand Duke Sir Aramithris
  • Guard:
  • Lord Garik
  • Squire Dizzy
  • Sir Bolt
  • Venall
  • Sespa
  • Kaede
  • Lord Callidor
  • Court Herald:
  • Scribe: Grand Duke Sir Aramithris


Guildmasters (non Fighting)

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