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Tony Bado in tuxedo Welcome to the brand-new web-home of Tony Bado in Virginia!

I've been carving professionally for several years and some have told me that my craft is pretty cool. YOU look at my work and tell me what YOU think, OK? Constructive  (not the other kind ;-) criticism is very welcome. Any comments, please fire an email off to me by clicking here:





1-of-a-kind Walking Sticks~Canes: "stickwithcharacter"
Battlefield Sticks Here are a few examples of my work:

Harley Cane

Hand-Cut Handle Choices

Cane Walking Stick HARLEY-DAVIDSON~Va.Quarter 

This FULLY FUNCTIONAL Walking Stick is a HAND-MADE ORIGINAL featuring 65-75
rivets, a VIRGINIA QUARTER, & an authentic Harley-Davidson MEDALLION...Fully
HAND-CUT/CRAFTED handle is securely mounted to a new or good used
MAPLEWOOD POOL CUE... s/h $7usa; $9can. - - Base price...$125 [see handle
options on right].

Hand-Cut Handle Choices... walnut /cherry /


Tony Bado and tent

And, YES, I will do CUSTOM WORK upon request; email and tell me what you need.

Tony Bado and Benjamin Franklin
Tony keeps company with some famous (old) people too:

Even Ben Franklin carries one of my Custom Sticks!

eMail address:
Phone. . . . . . . . . .703/670-2681 
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