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Nazism vs. Facism
by: Pattrycia Hodara

German Nazism X Italian Fascism Fascism and Nazism were two different political groups taken place in two different locations. Nazism was evolved in Germany which were the people that mainly were against Judaism. As for fascism, it took place in Italy and focused mainly on a system of government that was under a dictator, or a ruler who had absolute power. Both these groups had similariteis as well as differences in which will soon be understood. Benito Mussolini which was born in1883 and died in 1945. He came to power with his new ideas in 1919, called Fascio di Combat, which is also known as Fascism. To understand Fascism better, it is basically a spiritual attitude. It sees not only the individual but also the nation and the country. Individuals and generations are bound together by a moral law. Adolf Hitler and his national socialist state influenced Mussolini. In time, Mussolini became the victim of his own propaganda efforts. He dreamed of wars of conquest, but these wars that were far beyond the industrial capacity of the state to maintain. Mussolini came to involved the state in wars of colonial conquest, which was probably the last of the great imperialistic wars of Europe. In 1938 a change was made in the Italian government which separated the people from the decision-making process entirely. The list of parliamentary candidates was no longer offered to the masses for their approval. Mussolini merely emulated Hitler by creating the totalitarian state while removing basic democracy. After Mussolini's fall from power and his heroic rescue by German paratroopers, it was created under the watchful protection of nazi troops. There was, however, time remained to develop a theory. Mussolini was wholly preoccupied with staying alive and with dealing with his protectors. So he spent time in dealing with the traitors within the party who had fired the Duce in 1943. A show trial and subsequent executions of these traitors took place. Now, with the Italian fascist state crumbling around him, and without a direct charge from Mussolini, Gentile, who had been among those competing for Mussolini's favor in earlier periods of fascism, created the last Italian fascist theory. And that was more philosophical than the earlier attempts at creating an ideology were. Gentile's theory had its descriptive moments, but, in the large, he offered a wholly philosophical oversight into pure fascism. It had little in the way of a call to arms. The state is supreme. All that is, within the state, is brought to fulfillment in the state. Nothing that is, within the state, can be permitted to exist beyond the reaches of the state. Nothing that is, within the state, can be permitted to go against the state. It is the final resting-place of all that man has created. Fascism admitted strong totalitarian overtones until it became interested in wars of colonial conquest. It had come to power because of the decaying social, economic and political conditions of post-World War I Italy. It had brought order out of chaos. Indeed, order was its strong selling point when, after a series of crippling strikes sponsored by the socialists, it had managed when the liberal democratic state could not manage. Fascism bragged of its accomplishments in areas such as making trains run on time and draining swamps. Where fascism had grown, even flourished, in peacetime, it eneded in war But, the interest of Mussolini in re-establishing the Roman Empire, or at least a portion of it, illustrates the point made above that, after a decade and a half of propaganda directed at the masses, Mussolini and much of his sub-leaders had become themselves victims of fascist propaganda. European leaders made little attempt to discredit Italian fascism. By the end of the 1930's, most European leaders seemed to have supported the fascist state. And that is how fascsit affescter Italy, but Nazism had a differnet impact in Germany Adolf Hitler was born in 1889 and killed imslef in1945, with the end of Worl War II. Hitler himself presumably needs no introduction. Mein Kampf (My Struggle) was written between 1924 and 1926, long before anyone realized that the Nazis could become a significant movement. Basically what thte book included was that :1) Judaism was the great destructive force which had ruined Western civilization; 2) Adolf Hitler is the only founder and builder of the National Socialist movement; 3)the Nazi party should be ruled absolutely by one man, which was Adolf Hitler; 4) the Nazi party should seize the state and restore German greatness, mainly through internal policies of dealing with Jews and expansion. The Nazi party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler gained more votes in every election. It promised to "restore honor" to the Germans, to renew political order and to bring back "work and bread." .The Nazis pursue their political aims with aggressive propaganda and violence. In 1930 the parties that supported the republic lose their majority. Right-wing parties take over the government and the democratic system, begin to fall apart. On January 1933, Adolf Hitler is named Reich chancellor and in February, his elected government passes a law suspending civil rights and political freedoms. Then, after that, the government gains power to rule without parliament, to be able to pass laws. That is when Germany becomes a dictatorship ruled by Hitler and the Nazi Party. It was also the begging of total chaos, such as several revolutions and world War II. There were many revolts like the Kristallnacht, which was a destructive rampage against the Jews. The Jews were drastically restricted and leaving Germany was each time becoming more difficult. In time the Nazis Parteis and Adolph Hitler killed many Jews, more than 30 thousand. Even though World War II was later finished by an agreement, it took many lives away. As for the fascist parties, they were not as gruesome as Nazism, even if one influenced the other. Although both were beliefs, which involved later in to something much greater and catastrophic, they were only people fighting for what they believed were right. But the problem was it effected on innocent's people's lives, and that is not tolerable.

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