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Erase Racism

Webster's Dictionary defines racism as "the belief that some races are better inherently than others". To me it's just sickness. I just don't get it! Just because someone is different than you, they're not as good as you? That's a load of crap! The truth is and it even says it in the constitution, "All men are created equally". (But I guess the government didn't see that one!)

And these racists, they insist on poisoning their children's minds. This is what I call the "circle of hate". Think about it, when kids are young, they believe everything there parents say. It's like being brainwashed. And then when they grow up, they tell their kids the same things their parents told them and so on. People aren't born racist , they have to hear it form somewhere.

Some of these lies were started by the governments. Like in the early days of Amerikkka. They justified enslaving millions of people with this belief: they thought of them as less than human, so they didn't feel guilt or remorse for what they were doing to these poor inocent people. But after the Civil War, after the slaves were freed, this belief didn't go away. They still thought of them as less than human and inferior to themselves. And people still believe that today! Even in 1997 when all of that crap is supposed to be gone. We're still being brainwashed. They'd like you to think that "Oh, this ain't the 60's. Crap like that don't happen any more." But it does.

I was checking out a webpage the other day, and I saw this thing called "Hatewatch". Hatewatch monitors the activity and location of hate groups in America today. I looked at this map they made with little dots to symbolise where these groups are based, and I was expecting just to see them in the south. I just about shit my pants when I saw this map. They were as far north as New York (which shocked me because I live in New York and thought we didn't have any here) and as far west as California. And there are a whole shit load of these groups now! Not just the KKK and the skinheads. Hell I'm starting to think this country was better off in the 60's then now. (Maybe not.)

You just don't see these groups parading around. They got smart. They know if they just go around killing people in broad daylight, and spewing their hate around, that they will get caught after a while. So now they propagate in secret and come out at night (of course that's what the KKK did too) and terrorise people. The truth is these people are a bunch of pussies! They don't have the balls to come out in the daytime and say all their racist crap. And they always travel in packs. Every time you hear about hate crimes on the news, it's always a "group" of people that beat the crap out of or kill one person. If they're so superior, why can't they get the job done themselves, one on one? BECAUSE THEY'RE PUSSIES! They're under control. No real free thinking person believes everything they hear or see. They form their own opinions and search for the truth. Whatever the truth may be. Believe it or not we can do something to stop this. I believe the best way to combat this problem is EDUCATION! A great deal of the time people hate because they don't understand other cultures. Take for example the early punks of the 70's. People hated their guts because they didn't understand the culture. It was the first they'd ever seen a mohawk, or hair dyed a weird colour, or spikes and studs. So they reacted negatively instead of asking questions and trying to understand it. I think it's the same kind of thing with racists. They don't understand other cultures, so they're taught to hate them.

So what can we do? There actually is a lot that we can do in our everyday lives. Say one of your buddies at work tells a racist joke... lay on him about it! Make him understand that you don't stand for that kind of crap, and he shouldn't either. Looking at the even bigger picture, there's TONS of anti-racist organisations you can join, all with different goals, and different ways of achieving their goals. You're sure to find one out there to fit your needs. Another thing is experiencing other cultures. Racism is a two way street. There are racists of all colours, creeds, and sexes. I can almost sympathise to that, but not quite. I mean I can see why a black man who grew up in Alabama in the 1930's would have more than a little rage bottled up inside, but still we have to try to bring understanding that not ALL white people are racist. Be a positive example. Who knows, maybe you'll both learn something from it.

Whatever we do, we have to do something to solve this problem. Just shaking your head at the newspaper article of the latest hate crime isn't acceptable enough anymore. People have been just shaking their heads for hundreds of years, and while we do have drastic improvements, the problems still exist... on BOTH sides. So do something, we owe it to ourselves, and our country. After all, pretty soon we'll be running this country. Don't let our kids grow up as a bigot that hates everything and everyone. Break the chain!

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