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ARA of Texas: Austin Chapter

ARA of Texas: Austin Chapter

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What is the main goal of the organization, what do you hope to accieve from all of this?
To teach youth against racism is the main goal, teach that race has always been an issue and that it needs to be recognized that it is a fact that everyone is built that same. we hope to achive thought in youth everytime they hear the word "nigger" "honky" "spic" and so on and tell the person they hear it from that its wrong

Why all the structure?
it works, we all work off structure. its all around us. if we lose structure we forget which way to go and projects go away and people forget. So here is the run down of the new structure made just for ARA of Texas. ARA of Texas will be the head of the state with 5 board members. Four of which will be elected and the fifth will be the organizer of the group.The elected four can be from any other state chapter either as members orboard members. With board members helping run the chapters this willeliminate any personal politics and keep chapters on the same page. We will have state meetings every four months in which all state members and board members will be invited. Each city will have a chapter. If there is a city with over two million in population they will be welcomed to have a second chapter and for every other million there are more welcomed. This way, there will be plenty of help for chapter functions and no one will step on anyone's toes. Each chapter will also have 5 board members. Four elected by the rest of the members in that area and the fifth will be the organizer who will be hand picked to be the person everyone can go to and who is capable of making great things happen. The other four will have certain duties that will basically be drawn.

In one sentece, can you tell me the purpose of the ara of texas?
The purpose of ara of texas is to teach that racism has been taught and it can be taught against.

Do you ever have rallies or stop racist rallies?
We have seen that entertainment based evens are more welcome to most people. Generaly we seek youth and youth need something to grab their attention. They want to be involved but don't want to be by themselves. This is where our very successful "rock against racism," and "punk against racism" concerts have made a big impact. More of an impact then if we said hey meet over hear for and anti-hate march. The youth needs fun and positive influnce.

Where do most of the actions that it takes, take place?
Everywhere. ARA is not about fighing the haters with fists. Most of you who know me now take offence when you hear someone say "nigger" or "queer" you now think it may be wrong when you never gave it thought before. ARA of Texas is about changing the way you hear people. It is all about relizing that hate is around you in little ways more then big ones and we can stop it.

How do you become a major part of it?
Show up to meetings, if there is not meetings in your area take the next step and make em happen.

Where are a few good places to start acting against racism?
Everywhere around you racism lives. It may not be in the form of hate and easy to see. Your may not see your parents as racist but know that it is wrong in their eyes to bring home a black/white/hispanic/ethnic man/women home as your boyfriend/girlfriend so you avoid that group. That is still racism in so many ways. You must take a stand against this and teach the people around you that this is racism.

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