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ARA of Texas: Austin Chapter

ARA of Texas: Austin Chapter

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The "Smash Racism" Tour has been finalized !!!
The bands are . . .
The Bored Agains
Crash 81

Well here is a disscussion list for all the members out there started by our friends at ARA of Texas main page.
ARA Discussion List

Although not finished (just waiting on the time and place) here is the flyer for the first meeting. Once the time and place are on, we would like to get as many of these out as possible. So if you waould like to help, print out a copy, and pass 'em out.

Click Here To See The Full Size

The Anti-Racist Action of Texas is starting a chapter in Austin (hard to believe that there isnt one already), and it needs your help. Currently there is a group working on creating this chapter. And we are going to need your help. We need people to help spread the word, help organize meetings and events. So if you are willing to help contact us. The email addresses are or Include your name and email address(s). Sorry about how small this site is, but as we get bigger, so will this site.

"Smash Racism - ARA Tour"
June 7th Corpus
June 8th Houston
June 9th Dallas
June 11th Amarillo
June 12th Lubbock
June 13th El Paso
June 15th Austin
June 16th San Antonio
Sams Burger Joint -ARASA
More to come on these events.

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