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Sept. 3, 2002
I have decided to make this page my
rant/ramble/whatever doesn't fit anywhere else
page. Plus I need to practice my typing for
my BCSI computer class.
Lucky me!:P
I type more later,
if I feel like it.

Sept. 4, 2002
I'm Back...
"Disney is Evil!" -mouse
"Why?" -pippy
"GONE INSANE, and there's NO TURNING BACK!"-bubbles
Some quotes, okay three, but still
I'm not sure what I should type.
I think I might go embark in a journey thru the mysteries of
During my journey
I shall look for any one of my many stories
that I began to write,
but failed to finish or come anywhere close to it.
Should be interesting.
Check back for more soon.

Sept. 12, 2002
Note: I have yet to look
for one of my stories
b/cI'm a lazy butt.
BUT I did add a G-BooK (guest book)