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UH Courses and Grades

The following courses I consider most stimulatin and challenging; they helped develop good problem solving skills, troubleshooting techniques, and mental awareness. Most of these courses assigned potential problems in hypothetical scenarios.

TECH 1300This was begginer's Visual Basic 6 Programming. Grade:A
ELECT 2300This was introduction to C Programming. Grade:A
DISC 2373This was Introduction to Management Information Systems. Grade:A-
ITEC 4341This was Production and Service Operations and Management. Grade:A
OCTE 2334 and 3343This was Information Systems Analysys, Design, and Applications. Grades:A, A
OCTE 3347This was and introductory course to Operating Systems and Networking Essentials. Grade: A
OCTE 3348This couurse was an Introduction to Expert Systems and we used VBA to provide solutions. Grade:A
OCTE 3365This was an in-depth analisys of Database Management; Introduction to SQL and Access. Grade:B
OCTE 4335Integrated Information Systems. We merged database and programming principles. Grade:A
OCTE 4337Advanced Information Systems Applicatios; VBA and ADODC Controls. Grade:A
OCTE 4390Current Issues in Information Systems; this semester we studied Dynamic HTML, CSS and Stylesheets.
OCTE4390             OCTE33947A             OCTE33947B             OCTE4337

Some books used in class... TECH1300
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