Comedy show sponsored by American Legion on March 31, 1933 in Abilene, Texas

This article and photo sent in to Web Site by Mike Ziegenhagen, Abilene, Texas

Abilene, Texas, March 31, 1933

Appear In Clever Review -- Among the Abilene business men who will doff their dignity and appear in a clever skit, "Beaus and Belles of Grandma's Time," part of the American Legion show tonight and Friday night, are H. P. Schienberg, left in photo, and Rev. W. A. Nicholas. Schienberg, dressed in the costume of a New York Bowery girl, will dance an interpreetation of the Bowery waltz. Rev. Nicholas is to be seen as the Floradora boy.

Members of Parramore Post, American Legion, welcomed the fair weather today.

With an excellent cast of home town talent ready to depict a clever comedy. "Henry's Wedding," the organization expects to succeed in a third attempt to raise funds to pay for a highway beautification program it sponsored. Two previous projects "flopped" on account of inclement weather.

"Henry's Wedding" will be seen three times, in matinee performance today at 4 0'clock, and evening presentations tonight and Friday night at 8: o'clock Maurine Lawson is director general.

Tickets may be secured from legionaires, members of the cast or a group of young women listed with the local employment bureau. The latter today were canvassing the city, and they will receive 20 per cent of all sales they make. Tickets may be exchanged for reserved seats, without added charge, at the Jack Linton Drug company. Adult admission is 50 cents. Matinee tickets for children are 10 cents.

Business Men In Skit

Hightlight of the added attractions will be a skit. "Beaus and Belles of Grandma's Time," in which a large number of local business men will be seen in 18th century types. One man will depict the flapper of 1890. He is W. A. "Bill" Ward, who last night stopped the dress rehersal when he appeared for the first time in complete costume -- baby rompers. H. P. Schienberg will be the Bowery girl; Leon Stevenson, "Sheik of the Chicago World's Fair;" J. D. Moore, "Joe the Life-guard ;" G. B. Tittle, "High Stepping Johnny;" J. W. Weems, "Sweet Old Fashioned Girl;" E. M. Overshiner, "Miss Hoopskirt;" E. N. Compere, "Beau Brummell;" George Morris, "Annie, the Bathing Beauty;" Rev. W. A. Nicholas, "Floradora Boy;" and Dan Laughter, "Floradora Beauty;" and numerous others.

The skit will be given as part of the entertainment at the wedding of Uncle Henry, main character in the play, "Henry's Wedding." Other snappy features are "The Mystic Shrine," presenting members of a negro spritual organization in testimonials, and musical and dance numbers by a young girls chorus and Irene Jay dance pupils.


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