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I was born in Hardeman County in Texas where my birth Mother gave me up for adoption after my Father apparently left her with no forwarding address. I have an affidavit signed by the County Judge giving some information concerning her. She was born in Nashville,Tn., in 1903 and her married name was Effie Miller, his name was Luther Miller.

If I had her maiden name I might have been able to track her down. Without it I hit a brick wall at every turn.

After my adopted parents had passed away in Abilene, I went to Quanah, Texas and found an old gentleman who used to live at my place of birth, Hoolyan a small farming community which is no longer there. Only a few foundations where different businesses had been in the 1920's. He said he didn't remember any Millers living out there at the time and told me that a lot of migrant farm workers came through and helped with the crops and then moved on. We decided that more than likely that was what happened in my case, only old Luther didn't want any kids holding him back. A funny thing happened that day while we are visiting a Howard family who still lived in the area. Mr. Howard asked me if I knew Oliver Howard in Abilene. Of course some of you know Oliver was President of Citizens National Bank in Abilene for many years. I knew Oliver very well and the next time I was in the bank I asked him how things were in Hoolyan. He nearly dropped his cigar! Of course he was also born in Hoolyan a few years after me.

I couldn't have had better parents than my adopted parents. I can remember Bro. Nickolas with his long beard and fancy carved walking stick. We used to eat a lot at the old Bluebird Inn next to the old library and we would see him there many times.

I married a Tennessee girl from Waverly, not far from Nashville where my birth Mother was born. We have two children, a girl who is a neonatal nurse practitioner in Seattle. Our son is a V.P. of Dairy Farmers of America in Kansas City. Ironically, we have two wonderful adopted granddaughters. They both love horses and do barrel racing.

I used to wonder about my birth family and if there were other siblings but I count my blessings and realize that my birth Mother did about the only thing she could do under the circumstances.

Thanks for listening to my story and I want to hear about yours..

J. Harvey Clark
Ozark, Mo.

I'm attaching a picture of my adoptive family taken in California just before the 2nd W.W. started. My sister in the picture was also a WTCAS graduate now living in Arizona. She is not into computers. For you car buffs, that is a 1940 Lincoln Zepher, it had a V12 engine.


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