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My music is a mix of heavy guitar riffs and blusey tones. My major and only influence is Metallica. I'll uploading more MP3s of my material up soon, keep checking back! I play all of these samples on the spot with no editing, and recorded straight from my computer mic sitting in front of my amp.

*(Right Click and choose "Save Target As...")*

MP3 Sample #1: First few bars of Metallica's "Seek & Destroy".

MP3 Sample #2: The Intro to Metallica's "Harvester Of Sorrow". (With Distortion)

My Equipment:

Guitars: Red w/ White PickGuard Fender Stratocaster Dark Natural Wood Grain Vega Les Paul Black 4-String Jammer Standard Bass Cherry Burst Encore Acoustic Mini

Amps: Squier Champ 15 Amp Gorilla GB-30 Bass Amp

Picks: Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks Fender Heavy Guage Bass Picks

(See "Photos" for pictures of all my equipment.)