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The Dream That Changed My Life.

It all started with a dream: A woman who looked like a petite, brunnet, Anna Nichole Smith had me by the hand pulled me into a bathroom and said "Take your pants off and through them other there!", so I did so. Then I went to turn the light out, because we had candles lit everywhere, and took my shirt off just as she stepped into the shower. I quikly followed suite. I grabbed her and we locked lips, we must of kissed for a good 30 minutes straight. She then started goin futher downward with the kisses, until she got to..."ohhh, gohhh, uhh". I then picked her up off her knees and said "I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do." She never said a word, she just kissed me , and then it finnally happend. She grabbed it and put inside of her ever so gently, never taking her lips away from mine. I picked her up and put her against the wall and I thrust my hips as gently as I could. She then took her lips away, tilted her head back, and the sweetest noise came out of her mouth. "Ahh, mmh!" She then looked me dead in the eye and said. "I love you." I then whispered in her ear. "Not as much as I love you." We made love for another hour or so until the hot water ran out. When then dried each other off, and laid in the bed together kissing until she feel asleep. Then I rolled over looked at the ceiling and said. "Thank you God, for this woman whom I care about more than this earth we walk on." With that I fell to sleep. THE END.