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Photos Page (Updated Daily!)
Pics From "Back In The Day", new ones are at the bottom.

Misc. Photos from the past.

Added December 1st, 2002: With my ex.

Added December 2nd, 2002: Damn I'm Smooth!

Added December 2nd, 2002: Now was I not a true Metal Head or not???

Added December 24th, 2002: Pics of me about 6 months ago when I bleached 1 side of my hair blonde?!

My Car

My Guitars & Amps


August 2nd 2002:

October 17th 2002: New Hair Cut!!!

My new puppy Molly!

November 2, 2002: 1st One is a Studio Shot "Should have shaved."

November 30, 2002: Just foolin' around.

December 1st, 2002: Major Updates.

December 1st, 2002: A Large Pic for your pleasure, lol.

December 9th, 2002: New and employed!

December 21st, 2002: More updates!

December 24th, 2002: More Puppy pics, the big pug is Tippy he's 5yrs old, the other one is Molly she's almost 5 months old now.

February 9th, 2003: Major Updates, new hat too. Check out the hat hair!

June 10th, 2003: Major Updates, got your copy of St. Anger yet? GOT MY 3 COPIES!

March 27th, 2004: New Name, New Logo, new me!